10 Essential Starfield Mods in UI & HUD Category

Hey there, space travelers! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of Starfield mods. The game already boasts a couple of hundred mods, and in this video, we’re going to explore some of the standout ones specifically in the UI and HUD category.

Essential Starfield Mods in UI/HUD Category



StarUI Inventory

StarUI Inventory improves all inventory screens for use on a PC. Compact display style. More details in sortable columns. Item category icons. Category as left sidebar. Many quality of life features!



StarUI HUD gives you full control over most HUD widgets and provides an updated loot list and better item cards with DPS and V/W. Resize, move, recolour or disable most of the HUD widgets. The loot list can show additional columns like V/W (sort-able) and show you the item card for hovered items!


Enhanced Player Healthbar

This mod dynamically changes the player’s healthbar color at 75%, 50% and 25%.



This mod moves the size and location of new location discovered notification and also XP received notification. It will not block your entire screen anymore.


Dark Mode for Terminals

Gives terminals a darker theme, and makes the terminal startup less bright as well. Now includes kiosks as well. Supports Large Menu Fonts accessibility option.


Cleanfield – A No-Intro Videos and Clean Menu Fix

Cleanfield modifies intro to No Epilepsy & Seizure Warning, No Bethesda Logo, No Message of the Day, 30, 60 and 120 FPS


Undelayed Menus

This mod’s goal is to significantly improve the user experience by enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of in-game menus.


Better Visible Magazines

Make magazines stand out more so you won’t overlook them (as much). With a bright green border and an optional green overlay.



A remake or edit of nearly every reflex/holographic reticle in Starfield. Now you can see what you’re shootin’ at, soldier.


Vanilla Flashlight Improved (VFI)

It’s the vanilla flashlight, but better! Enjoy a larger, brighter beam without the ugly banding artifacts. Comes in three flavors

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