12 AWESOME New Role Playing Games on Steam | Best on PC 2018

This video features PC New Role Playing Games on Steam, available right now. These games feature RPG genre with different playing styles. Check description for more information.

AWESOME New Role Playing Games on Steam

The RPG Games have become very popular nowadays especially on computers. These are the New Role Playing Games on Steam that are available for purchase and are becoming popular with each passing day. The list provides 12 new RPG games released from late 2017 till present day. Each game having unique game play style and mindblowing story to keep you busy and attracted toward the game. These RPGs are totally worth the money and are completely enjoyable and fun. Some of these games are also can be played online with other real player for way more fun and satisfaction.

12 New Role Playing Games on Steam 2018: Download Links

1.KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE Size: 40 GB, Mode: Single Player (Open World RPG)

2.FINAL FANTASY XV Size: 80 GB, Mode: Single Player + Multiplayer (Open World RPG)

3.ASSASSINS CREED ORIGINS Size: 50 GB, Mode: Single Player (Open World RPG)

4.DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN 2 Size: 25 GB, Mode: Single Player + Multiplayer (Tactical-RPG)

5.HOB Size: 5GB, Mode: Single Player (Action-RPG)

6.FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE Size: 30 GB, Mode: Single Player (Fantasy-RPG)

7.THE LEGEND OF HEROES: TRAILS OF COLD STEEL II Size: 12 GB, Mode: Single Player (Turn Based RPG)

8.SEVEN: THE DAYS LONG GONE Size: 4 GB, Mode: Single Player (Stealth-RPG)

9.SHINESS: THE LIGHTNING KINGDOM Size: 9 GB, Mode: Single Player (Action-RPG)

10.ZWEI: THE ILVARD INSURRECTION Size: 3 GB, Mode: Single Player (Action-RPG)

11.ZWEI: THE ARGES ADVENTURE Size: 1.5 GB, Mode: Single Player (Action-RPG)

12.SECRET OF MANA Size: 4 GB, Mode: Single Player + Multiplayer (Action-RPG)

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