12 Best Upcoming PS4 Pro Games of Fall 2017

Featuring the 12 best new Upcoming PS4 Pro Games that are confirmed to release in fall 2017. We handpicked the most anticipated titles releasing this year.

Best Upcoming PS4 Pro Games

This Video features the best new Upcoming PS4 Pro Games that are confirmed to release in fall 2017 or Q4 2017(i.e September , October , November and December 2017). Out of a number of titles that are coming soon on ps4 we pick the most anticipated huge titles which are coming this fall of 2017 on playstation 4 or ps4 pro.

The release dates of all these games are confirmed and are given below and also given in the video. As everybody has his own taste of gaming, this list consists of games of different Categories like RPG Games, FPS Games, MMO Games, Racing Games, Adventure and Action Games etc. All these games are in Random order. Hope you like this list, and hit like on youtube if you like this post and tell us what you think in comments. Stay Tuned for more quality gaming content!

Playstation 4 Coming Soon Games

  1. Need for Speed: Payback
    Genre: Racing, Release Date: 10 November 2017
  2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    Genre: Action-Adventure, Release Date: 27 October 2017
  3. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
    Genre: Stealth, Action FPS, Release Date: 15 September 2017
  4. Call of Duty: WW2
    Genre: FPS, Release Date: 3 November 2017
  5. Middle-earth: Shadow of War
    Genre: Action-RPG, Release Date: 10 October 2017
  6. Star Wars: Battlefront 2
    Genre: FPS, Release Date: 17 November 2017
  7. Destiny 2
    Genre: MMO-FPS, Release Date: 8 September 2017
  8. Vampyr
    Genre: RPG, Release Date: November 2017
  9. The Evil Within 2
    Genre: Survival, Horror, Release Date: 13 October 2017
  10. Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Genre: RPG, Release Date: 14 September 2017
  11. Knack 2
    Genre: Action, Release Date: 5 September 2017
  12. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus
    Genre: FPS, Release Date: 27 October 2017

upcoming ps4 pro games upcoming ps4 pro games


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