Best Android Games April 2019

Featuring BEST ANDROID GAMES APRIL 2019. All of the games featured in video are recently released so you can play them right away. play store links to all mentioned games are in description below. not all games are free, and free ones contains ads too, but all of them are very fun and worth trying. the list in not in any order, we leave that to you decide, Gamers.

Download Links for Best Android Games April 2019:

Stardew Valley (paid)

Stardew Valley this is a very anticipated popular PC game turned android game this one is paid but there’s no money involved after you pay for it you have to work for your coins in the game originally label the sim but it is so much more than that it’s one of the most beautifully crafted games that you will ever experience you’re really gonna enjoy the interactions with the townspeople the various seasonal events it’s just a great way to pass the time and just really enjoy a game with so many fun things to do.

Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy

Omega Wars Champions of the galaxy it’s a really fun game similar to clash Royale but it has its own mechanics which makes it unique and a fun new experience it has three races which are pretty diverse and lots of fun to play around with so many combos and abilities that you can create lots of strategies it also has to be – which is a lot of fun there are tournaments that have big prizes great game overall.

Era of Legends

Era of Legends it’s pretty similar to World of Warcraft which is a paid game but this is free you’re definitely gonna enjoy grinding in this game gameplay is stunning smooth and fun the graphics are great good selection of classes but the character creation is a little bit limited by race and gender lock shop prices are reasonable but some gamers may not like the auto play system in game.

Returner Zhero (paid)

Returner Zhero at first we were a little skeptical but then we found out it’s one of the best puzzle games on Android the quality of the graphics is really good I’d sure hope so though because this is a paid game it takes a couple hours to finish all the levels and you can leave at any time because it auto-saves there’s so many stories and videos it’s actually kind of like watching a sci-fi movie.

Rush Rally 3

Rush rally this game is exceptional the graphics are stellar great customization here the controls are really good and with the cars it feels like having real weight to them also you can try it out in cockpit mode the game is really well optimized and feels smooth it’s a huge improvement over the previous rush rally definitely the best rally racing game there is on the Playstore right now multiplayer has some room for improvement though.

Wonder Park Magic Rides

Wonder Park magic rides it’s really easy to understand straight into the point with good graphics and interesting characters the levels are a lot of fun to play and it feels a little like the movie Wonder Park check it out if you haven’t seen it yet now advancing in this game without buying diamonds can be a little tough later on still though one of the best games to try out this month.

Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure this game is gorgeous so simple in its design but the open-world feel to the game is so relaxing this game gives a really calm vibe which you’ll really appreciate if you’re a casual gamer it’s like exploring the mountain and finding new ways down it’s excellent for skiing in an open-world setting the controls are easy and the graphics are truly on a console level exploring the slopes is so much fun overall an awesome game.

The Birdcage 2

The Birdcage – it’s a very entertaining game and definitely a step up from the original birdcage the developers really made some great puzzles within the small space of a birdcage the d graphics and mechanics are so beautiful the puzzles are short and fun to solve it’s definitely great for kids but you may find yourself wanting a little bit more of a challenge if you’re more advanced at puzzles also note that the game is not all free only limited levels can be played before you actually have to pay for them.

FRAG Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter this game is super addictive and very colorful it features a different way of looking at a strategy shooter game it’s a great mix between clash Royale and fortnight the controls are easy it has great characters with so many amazing skins that you can play with it could use some new maps to be added and maybe some balancing for free-to-play players but it shows a lot of great promise and definitely is worth checking out.


In our list of best android games april 2019, the final game is OddMar, it’s difficult to find a platformer that performs well on touchscreen devices but on there does very well control wise and even better in presentation and audio the graphics have a delightful hand-drawn aesthetic to them the story is kind of funny like a Viking embarking on an epic quest developers put so much hard work into this so many details so many little things we would recommend anyone who enjoys the platformer genre to definitely check it out.

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