Best Android Games August 2019

Check out the 10 BEST ANDROID GAMES AUGUST 2019. All of the games mentioned in video are recently released so you can play them right away. Play Store links to all featured games are given in description below. Most games are free, but some are paid too, and free ones has ads mostly, but all of them are very exciting and worth playing. The list in not ranked in any particular order but first few are best maybe, you can decide which game you find most appealing. Most gameplay featured in video are from the android game reviews of the respective games itself.

Download Links for Best Android Games August 2019:

GUNSLUGS: ROGUE TACTICS (Action, Paid, No Ads) ★ 4.6

This is an amazing retro style action game with heavy focus to stealth mechanics. Often its smarter to kill enemies 1 by 1 rather than going guns blazing at enemy group, also it feels very rewarding when your carefully placed traps take out enemies in fun way. it has good amount of items like shields, helmets, different shoes, EMPs, weapons etc to play with. as it has Procedural generated levels, means Every level will be created differently, increasing the replay value. there are some bugs about controls but we found them fine. Overall, this game offers great gameplay and very fun experience.

HERE – A PUZZLE GAME (Puzzle, Free, Has Ads) ★ 4.7

As it sounds its a unique puzzle game where in each level you have to find or make word “here”. simple right? its very minimalistic looking game, but it exercises your brain to think something different in every puzzle. it has 50 levels, each with its own design and logic where difficulty increases in higher levels if you get stuck you can use 3 hints to find way out and make “here”. “Here” is often whimsically inventive, it has ads but they are so rare that you may not even notice them.

WALK MASTER (Action, Free, Has Ads) ★ 4.2

This is very fun walking game from studio called “Two Men and a Dog”. yes u heard right. it is a free arcade walking action simulator, and its pretty challenging at first. in this you need to walk through the levels with skill and timing. you can Unlock unique challenge levels and many creatures to walk with. this game is a hidden gem and very enjoyble, it has ads but they are not very intrusive.

CHESS RUSH (Auto Chess, Free, No Ads) ★ 4.2

From the makers of PUBG, this is new turn-based strategy game, or lets say the new “Auto Chess” genre game. if you have seen DOTA Underlords from our last video or you play any other Auto Chess game like Teamfight Tactics, than you knw what its all about. In these games, you set characters on chess board like floor, equip them with items and make different team comps to best the opponents. this features 10+ mins games and its not pay 2 win, not yet, strategy and luck is what make you win. UI is clean and simple. the graphics and animations looks cool too. so, If you are curios about this new very trending game genre, it is worth checking.

TOTAL PARTY KILL (Puzzle, Free, Has Ads) ★ 4.4

Well this game is totally about friendly fire! yes, if you love killing your own party members in games, you ll love this game. in it you Control 3 different heroes and use their abilities to solve fun puzzles by sacrificing your teammates in differnt ways! you can Throw them, freeze them, or pin them with arrrows to wall to climb thru the levels. As long as 1 hero survives to the goal, you win! It features pixel graphics, and It will make u laugh all the way. also it get quite challenging in later levels. it keeps showing ads here and there but it offers very enjoyable experience.

ASDIVINE KAMURA (Role Playing, Paid) ★ 4.4

Its a 2D JRPG game of Asdivine series, you will feel strong anime style Japanese atmosphere in this. you set out gather the Mystic Orbs scattered throughout the various regions, and restore his world. just like the dragon balls! Teaming up with band of companions, you Engage in 3×3 grid battles to counter to enemy formations! There are in-game transactions available, but they are optional shortcuts. it features Well drawn characters, engaging story and enough sidequests to keep even the most seasoned RPG gamers occupied.

ELUNE (Free, Has Ads) ★ 4.2

Explore different worlds, where chracters are called Elunes, there are Boss Battles and 5v5 PvP mode. using Ultimate Skills of Elunes trigger cool cutscenes and you can Assemble Elunes of different classes to make better team! game Graphics are good, but the game feels very grindy though. the dungeons only give you small amounts of materials, which is frustrating. gameplay may seem slow and limiting at start, also Its Pay to Win game as you can buy legendary heroes from the shop directly. overall, the game looks promising though.

THE MIGHTY QUEST FOR EPIC LOOT (Role Playing, Free, Has Ads) ★ 4.2

A new hack and slash action RPG game from UBISOFT, inspired by its pc version. you can Equip your Heroes with the best gear that you get from the loot in levels. it has PvE where u slash monsters, bosses and chickens, also it has PvP to fight other players. it is very easy to play, so much that u can play with just one thumb. Also worth mentioning that network connection is required. On downside, It also features every monetisation method known to man, SIMULTANEOUSLY. and contrary to its name, there isnt any loot that big in there.


Its dubbed as 4th person puzzling adventure game. a award-winning game which throws you into very atmospheric world without any tutorials or explanations. so, you have to figure things out by yourself. Great dream-like looking game with excellent gameplay, sometimes puzzles are easy but can be really challenging otherwise. On bad side, the game seems to have some issues with the controls not responing but developer are workin on it. If you like puzzle games like Monument Valley, You really need to play this one.

FIRST SUMMONER (Role Playing, Free , No Ads) ★ 4.2

Very good and innovative combat mechanics. The gameplay is a hybrid between real time combat, turn based and a small amount of idle combat. It has no auto-combat and no energy system for normal campaign stages. You can farm cards infinitely from normal stages. Unfortunately the app is very unoptimized and runs poorly with frequent frame drops and freezes. Dark fantasy theme is very atmospheric. It plays kinda similar to clash royale but you also control your hero and movement is important. Overall pleasant and refreshing and looks nice.

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