Best Android Games August 2020

The video features the TOP 10 NEW ANDROID GAMES. Featuring the handpicked list of “BEST ANDROID GAMES FOR AUGUST 2020”. These games are ready to play and you can get them by given play store links in Video Description. Note that we do NOT take any money from anyone to promote these games, this list is simply the compilation of our honest opinions for the best android games for current month.

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Top 10 Best Android Games August 2020:


Role Playing, Free, No-Ads ★4.8
It exhibits many of the mechanics and graphics that old-school gamers love about action RPGs. As the single-player experience, this is a very solid game similar to “Legend of Zelda” series with plenty of witty humor. This game has an epic story mode with a lot of player interaction and yes, it has multiplayer also. Gameplay focuses on Puzzle Solving Gameplay with great Action packed Combat and moderately difficult Bosses. additionally you can also Create a Guild with Friends and Customize Your Floating Castle home. for Hero and Weapon Collection, Rare items are difficult to obtain mainly due to the game’s gacha system but is easily tolerable when playing through the story mode. There’s plenty of subtle references to games of old times. Overall a very entertaining & Amazing game and our number 1 pick for this month’s games!


Strategy, Free, No-Ads ★4.7
the theme for this game is that Monkeys are at war and they are trying to launch Rockets into space to search for bananas! This is a free MMO strategy game, where you Manage your outpost, build an army, become the powerful Horde and lead them to war. You choose to be part of an elite pack of monkeys, in one of the 6 Hordes types, and than you Protect and lead convoys of resources to buil up your base and Rocket. you have option to actually move stuff around rather than having set places for certain buildings. In your way you Fight monkeys from other Hordes and take part in PVP wars. There are plenty of PVE battles against the White Mutants and exploration aspect with ancient Ruins with Boss fight! In social scenario, you can also form alliances with other players. it is kind of Similar to other games like Game of war, game of thrones conquest etc but also lot more fun than them.


Simulation, Free, No-Ads ★4.6
it features Massive 100v100 Unit Battles. it puts you in shoes of an battle commander, you Build up an army and than watch it fight idle-style, if emerged victorious you gain up rank for yourself and your legion. there are Plenty of units ranging from classic sword and shield fighters to wizards, machines, mythical creatures, and multiple skins for visual customization. the battles generally last 20 seconds or less, You just plan the army layout, and they do the fighting automatically. You can customize your your units, battlefield, and banner looks. New content is introduced in game every 2 weeks in terms of Seasons, with 4th Season marking the dawn of a new Era. The game is very addicting and fun in start but feels heavily pay to win when you climb up the ladder.


Adventure, Paid, No-Ads ★4.9
It is the 3rf and final game in the original adventure trilogy of Professor Layton, which means all 3 titles are finally available on Android. Much like the previous releases, you’ll spend your time solving puzzle to progress the story, and since this is a game with over 16-hours of playtime, we can confidently say the game price is well worth what you get. The Professor Investigates the London of the future this time. The game offers beautiful art, an interesting story, and tons of puzzling fun. it has Over 200 brain teasers, riddles, and logic puzzles. the game can be played Offline after the initial download. If you’re a fan of puzzle-based adventure games or if you enjoyed the layton game in past then make sure you don’t miss out this one.


Adventure, Paid, No-Ads
It is award winning paid game featuring The story about 3 characters. You get involved with their life challenges and your choices will let you discover different paths of the story. you do stuff like Playing music, chat fiction, branching conversations, and various mini-games, that will form your experience. Story pieces are presented in interactive posters. Your choices will let you know more or just reach the end. Branching paths are included, so there’s a good bit of replayability, and yes the engaging story is worth the game price. As this is an early-access release, there may be a few bugs if you decide to purchase the game before its official launch. But still from what we have played, Shadow of Naught is a fairly polished title, so you can expect good experience.


Simulation, Paid, No-Ads ★4.3
it is an off-roading simulation game where you get to drive Soviet-era trucks through the mud to complete tasks. it is another port, now on android. The game has been around on consoles and PC for a while now, but this mobile port is new and brings with it 15 maps to explore as well as 16 vehicles to drive. it is the off-road driving experience game, putting you in the driver seat and giving you all-terrain vehicles, venturing across extreme Siberian landscapes with only a map and compass. You’ll have to play with touch controls, which can take some getting used to. Luckily it’s enjoyable to drive through the mud, so if you’re looking for a fun game to get your digital mudding on, MudRunner is a competent mobile release for on-the-go fun.


Puzzle, Paid, No-Ads ★4.1
it is an indie single-player adventure-puzzle game about time, memory and friendship. it just landed on Android this month, and it’s an excellent port. Even better, this port costs lot less as compared to that of the Steam version. so yes, its paid game but after u purchase it, you can Play it totally offline without any ads or in app payments. it’s the excellent art of this title that makes it really stand out. to solve puzzles you Manipulate time to solve puzzles and reach the apex of each isle. We won’t judge others, many can create puzzles but only few are genuine experiences through a medium such as games and this is that one of the few. A beautiful, thoughtful game with great art style, soundtrack, and intuitive gameplay.


Board, Paid, No-Ads ★4.4
it is the digital board game introduces up-to-date life choices from the previous title. it has both single player and multiplayer options. Marmalade Game Studio has managed to score the rights for many popular Hasbro board games, and so it would appear the studio is intent on running these properties into the ground with sequels no one ever asked for. Ideally, The Game of Life 2 is a sequel that will offer “more choices and more freedom at every stage of the game” adding things to where last game left of. It’s almost like devs are simply trying to resell the same games over and over again through incremental changes that adds little to the fun of what was already an enjoyable board game!


Casual, Free, Has-Ads ★4.5
it is a challenging puzzle based game with many trivia puzzles and brain teasers. yes we know it is another addition in millions of availble similar games on play store, but it is a really good one and features 3 different game modes. These are “Main Mode” with all the logical and weird questions, “Water Pipe” mode where you connect colored water from source to destination and “Pin Mode” where you pull pins in right order to solve puzzles. on bad side there are lots of advertisements just ruining the experience. still it is worth giving a shot this august.


Adventure, Paid, No-Ads ★4.8
it is a gorgeous puzzle game where you’ll move room to room as you solve puzzles, much like an escape room game, and this is the sequel to Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey, a well-received puzzler in its own right. Today’s followup offers a typical setup, but the real draw is the fantastic art more so than the game’s puzzles, and you can see why in the game visuals. As you progress, you’ll uncover more and more of the mystery surrounding the game’s world, and there is a worthwhile story here, which ensures the game’s world is a joy to explore.

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