Best Android Games December 2019

The video features the TOP 10 BEST ANDROID GAMES for December 2019. Out from many new releases recently, we selected the best android games for you to check out. Most of these android games are already released and you can download them in play store right now. Play store links for these android games are given below in the description. The list in not ranked in any particular order so its up to you to decide which game you find most interesting. Most game-play featured in video are from the android games trailers and game-play reviews or footage’s of the respective games.

Looking to play something on your Android mobile device? Like always, we’ve got you covered here.

Download Links for Best Android Games December 2019:


(Action, Adventure, Free, No Ads, Offline) ★4.8
its a release from UNICEF, yes the real United Nations Children’s Fund itself. its centered around the message that the world’s youth are path to the future, to inspire them to claim their rights. The game plays as an auto-runner, and we need avoid obstacles, find friends, all while using extreme sports to go thru different environments of the America and the Caribbean. you run thru old towns, run from floods, climb mountains and in final level, use your voice to shout our your rights. its fun and simple game with very worthwhile message. and the best thing, it’s completely free, Absolutely no ads, No in-app purchases and great play for every age.


(Adventure, AR, Free, No Ads, Online) ★3.6
its one of the most anticipated games of recent, still kind of developing but ready to get players into the augmented reality of minecraft world, just like pokemon go. the gameplay revolves around wandering out into the real world to build and collect objects, though you can’t see user creations in the wild, which may come later. you can also team up with others for mini games. The UI design is true to Minecraft and easy to use but the plate placements to create things is not very good. It has lot of potential, but it needs some good improvements, also its bit of battery consuming as you will be using GPS, Internet and GPU at same time.


(Role Playing, Paid, No Ads, Offline) ★4.4
its a paid but very interesting indie game where you role play as a necromancer, to raise an undead army to hack and slash all your way to rule over the world. its something different from the other games where you kill the undead. you can Re-animate almost any enemy and build an army of hundreads of undead minions and loot everything in you way. the gameplay is very entertaining, the controls are easy and it also has controller support. Honestly, we didnt found anything to curse about, this is a really enjoyable release that shouldn’t be missed.


(Action, Arcade, Paid, No Ads, Offline) ★4.6
its a paid retro action game and very good one. it has crisp 2D graphics and fast paced but enjoyable platforming gameplay. it has 6 chapters with over 40 levels, epic bosses, abilites and upgrades and okay story. you jump through obstacles and take out enemies on your way to catch your escaped spirit quickly, and it gets challenging fast. The controls could use a little work since floating controls are usually preferable. Overall it’s a great game, something that really take effort and skills to finish. Just like how the Shovel Knight make us work for our achievements! We would recommend it everyone who enjoys good platformers.


(Puzzle, Role Playing, Paid, No Ads, Online) ★4.8
its a Award winning, Paid tactical Puzzle game. The puzzle grid is your battlefield as you position your team, collect matching tiles and power up abilities. Where most other games trying to combine puzzle with tactics fail, Ticket to Earth succeeds in innovative gameplay, even within its set boundaries, seamlessly blending its turn-based tactics. Art is done visually good and story is entertaining. The game does depend on bit of luck because of puzzle tiles randomization. All in all, a very fun to play game to get your hands on!


(Strategy, Free, No Ads, Online) ★3.4
its a free-to-play Strategy game from the Developers of Jetpack Joyride and Frit Ninja. A real-time multiplayer game featuring heroes with different abilites in less than 5 minutes duels. Basically its like Clash Royale, where you build the deck and develop strategies to defeat your opponents. You can also invite friends for private duels. A solid team can be built without spending any money in game and you can Complete quests to unlock new Cards. Though the game is packed with in-app purchases, it doesnt feel pay to win. HalfBrick Studios has maintained tradition of making amazing and enjoyable games!


(Racing, Free, Has Ads, Online) ★4.1
its a Free Racing game which has existed as a popular web-based game for years. It features whacky race tracks where you’ll flip through the air as you duck and dodge the many obstacles that obstruct your path. There’s a career mode for those that prefer to play solo, and as you upgrade your car, you’ll have a better chance at success in the multiplayer mode. You Perform stunts to gain turbo in gravity twisted worlds, unlock cool cars and get yourself power-ups. Good graphics, sound and music, fitting to the game theme. its Kind of funny that everyone is almost destroyed at the end of each race. This game is great pick, highly recommended.


(Puzzle, Free, Has Ads, Offline) ★4.3
its a Free puzzle game which does what its name implies. Its an escape room game, it will be your job to solve puzzles in order to move from room to room until you complete your journey. The entire game takes place in a mysterious mansion filled with secrets, and the surrounding story is good too. Sometimes the puzzles are too obvious but sometimes they do get really hard to figure out, we hope its gets a hint system in future. Overall, NOX is a quality escape room game, it does contain a few in-app purchases, but its a gem to people who love puzzles.


(Racing, Free, Has Ads, Online) ★3.8
its free to play hot wheels racing game, Nominated for Best Mobile Racing Game at gamescom 2019. The racing mechanics are actually really fun and are cool to watch. It brings back nostolgia of the good old hotwheels racing games from Windows if you remember. Anyway this is a real-time multiplayer racing game, which means you can play against 8 other racers online, partipate in tournaments etc. Expect to find many Legendary Hot wheels vehicles. Just watch out for the heavy monetization as you get most of your cars from these boxes which do require you to use premium currency to complete.


(Sports, Free, Has Ads, Offline) ★4.4
Its a free-to-play golf game with in-app purchases. The core mechanics are good and you will enjoy smacking the ball around, but does feel somewhat grindy to if you are not spending any money. you can play PvP 1 against 1 matches, graphics are great and you also have shot control. it shows attention to the dynamics of gold and fluid swing meter mechanics. It has lots of customization options for character but they cost gold, making it very difficult to get for free to play players. overall, it good golfing experience on mobile devices.

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