Best Android Games February 2020

The video features the TOP 10 NEW BEST ANDROID GAMES FEBRUARY 2020. all of these are released and play store links are given below. The list in not ranked in any particular order so its up to you to decide which game you find most interesting. Most gameplay featured in video are from the android games trailers and game-play reviews or footage’s of the respective games.

Looking to play something on your Android mobile device? Like always, we’ve got you covered here.

Download Links for Best Android Games February 2020:


(Adventure, Paid, No Ads) ★4.4
it is a delightful card-based roguelike from OrangePixel, a studio that has amassed quite a library of quality Android games. Since Space Grunts 2 serves as a sequel, it’s worth keeping in mind that the card-based mechanics are new, replacing the old loot system from the original title. Luckily collecting and utilizing your cards offers a much more robust way to take down your foes. So really, Space Grunts 2 serves as a polished sequel that also brings something new to the table, and it’s a blast to play. Hands-down, this is our favorite game this week!


(Strategy, Free, No Ads) ★4.6
it is a free-to-play Real-Time Strategy game that has made its way from Steam to Android this month, and it’s lot of fun to play. Essentially this is a competitive tower defense game, but it does feel different from others of same genre. Everything in this game oozes quality – the art, the gameplay, the ability to practice against AI and the amount of detail in this game is unmatched. The battles themselves are fun, there is a lot of space for experimentation. The only downside is the pay-to-win aspect: if you purchase loot boxes, your team will become stronger than opponents who do not pay for the same. Tiny is really cool games for the list of Best Android Games February 2020.


(Action, Free, Has Ads) ★3.8
it is the latest shooter to land on the Play Store. but if you are looking for a mobile version of warface PC game, this is not even remotely close. The graphics are console level and you have a wide vairiety of armory and weapons. the matchmaking seems to be okay, and earning ingame currency is easy. but also if ingame you are matched with players having high gear rating you wont be able to do anything while they 1 shot you. moreover, it’s filled with in-app purchases and its built in auto-fire system may not suit everyone. Overall its not comparable to call of duty or PUBG by long shot, but its fresh good looking shooter!


(Strategy, Free, No Ads) ★4.4
it is a tower defense gacha game that contains an anime theme. Its graphics are indeed stunning, though the gameplay offers exactly what you would expect. it has really captivating anime artstyle, clean UI, teaches you the ropes well, offers a nice challenge. Each character is definitely unique in almost every trait they have so this game is going to require a lot more strategy than your average Tower Defense game. Mentioning again, that anime units do look awesome. But it also leaves with a feeling that it could be much more like the cutscenes can be voiced and more animation in general. The anime fans are already in love with the title!


(Action, Free, Has Ads) ★4.4
it is a side-scrolling brawler game. From the unique art style, the animations, gameplay, mechanics, and the sound effects, one can easily fall in-love with this game. the controls work well, which means everything comes down to the gameplay, which luckily holds its own. There are over 50 levels to explore, and boss fights are definitely in the mix, keeping the gameplay varied as you progress. There are also two difficulties to choose from, which means this is a release that just about anyone can enjoy, no matter their skill level.


(MOBA, Free, No Ads) ★4.0
the latest game released from NetEase Games, and it’s a free-to-play 5v5 MOBA, because why wouldn’t it be. Ideally, this is a fast-paced MOBA perfect for short play sessions. it features over 56 heroes to play with, and After you upgrade them to 12th level, Heroes will be awaken with powered up skills and items. you can also do penta kills just like league of legends. The game is super fun but it has some serious issues like the server is lagggy most of the time and of course, it’s monetized just as poorly as every other mobile MOBA out there today.


(Racing, Paid, No Ads) ★4.2
A few years ago, Playrise Digital made a name for itself by releasing Table Top Racing on mobile platforms while boasting that it was made by a few people that worked on the Wipeout series. Well, it looks like Playrise Digital is back at it again, with the release of Table Top Racing: World Tour, a mobile port of the Nintendo Switch port that was created from the original mobile version from 2014. So if you’re looking to revisit a competent racer with an adorable theme now that it’s been polished twice over, Table Top Racing: World Tour is not only a great choice but one of the few premium racers currently available on the Play Store that are worth playing.


(Strategy, Free, Has Ads) ★4.2
it is a free-to-play strategy game that contains a G.I. Joe theme, in order to get people to play this cash-in. The title looks and plays just like every other strategy-based gacha game on the Play Store, and so far, reviews are not that good. As expected, the graphics are great, but the gameplay suffers thanks to the title’s ridiculous monetization, and it doesn’t help that the gameplay isn’t balanced very well. But hey, don’t fret, you could always spend your way to victory, which, as we all know, is the only point of games like this.


(Role Playing, Free, No Ads) ★4.2
it is one of the newer MMORPGs to arrive on the Play Store, and as you can see, it contains a cutesy anime theme. we liked how the scenery and characters are designed. Sadly it would appear that performance is an issue, with many users experiencing lag all over the place. Then there is the title’s monetization to consider, which isn’t great. All in all, this is a laggy MMO that does little to set itself apart from the crowd, so unless you plan on playing for free, you can probably skip this one for better options.


(Role Playing, Paid, Has Ads) ★4.4
it is the latest RPG from Kemco to receive an English translation, and much like every other RPG from the dev, this too is a paid release. its great mobile JRPG for this month and can be played without the stress of limited time banners and or having fear of losing out. Appreciate how the game has improved since “As Divine” series with new mechanics. it is improvemnt but we guess Kemco is perfectly happy pumping out one generic RPG after another instead of making games that people will remember for long time, but it still made into list of our Best Android Games February 2020.

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