Best Android Games July 2019

Featuring Best Android Games July 2019. All of the games featured in video are recently released so you can play them right away. Play Store links to all mentioned games are in description below. Many of the mentioned games are paid, but there are free ones too. Free ones contains ads also, but all of them are very fun and enjoyable. the list in not in any order, but probably first ones are the best ones.

Download Links for Best Android Games July 2019:

ANOTHER EDEN (RPG, free, no ads)

A award winning Free to Play Japanese style RPG game! Featuring an original story where you’ll really love to grow with the characters. Game graphics are really lovely complimenting its many different worlds like future towns, old villages and more. The gameplay feels like 2D platformer at first but you can go up and down in there. Make team from many good looking anime characters to get things done. Game almost never pressures to buy premium currency. Since there is no multiplayer, there isn’t any rush to get things done. A very genuine Free to Play game with no ads, and if you like RPG games you really need to play this one.

HUMAN: FALL FLAT (Puzzle, Paid )

A paid port for mobile devices of very popular funny game from mainstream consoles. Its a very funny physics puzzle platformer game with single and multiplayer options. You can kinda walk, jump weirdly and grab or climb anything in its 3D world but they are hard to master. The main objective is to solve the puzzles. You can also customize your character with items and costumes. You can play it solo to figure everything out by yourself but it truly enjoyable when played with others. The controls are hard to get used to but they can be really improved if developers can make customize controls in future updates.

BRING YOU HOME (Puzzle, Paid )

You are cute alien hero chasing to rescue his kidnapped alien pet. Its a interesting new kind of puzzle game, where you can rearrange the world controlling the environment around you to get through. There are many ways to solve a level but if you fail and die. You can just go back in time and rewind the level. Fantastic subtle artwork, soothing music and the puzzles are fairly good to kill some time. Highly recommended!

DOTA UNDERLORDS (Strategy, free, no ads)

Another port of the PC version, of massively popular DotA 2 mod called “DotA Auto Chess”. Which became “Auto Chess” later on for mobile devices but this one is the real deal. it’s smooth and functional, and lets you play cross platform. The learning curve can feel boring for a mobile game, coz there are hundreds of items to remember if you want to master it. but if you a old DoTA fan, it will be pretty easy for you. it plays exactly like on PC, controls are okay. Graphics are also just like PC version but that the problem as they does not feels optimized for low end mobile devices.

GRIMVALOR (Action, freemium, has ads)

A hack n slash Action platformer game where you Slash your way through the hordes of monsters in story driven dungeons. Game is very optimized, the movement and animation feels natural, combat is intense and controls are very responsive. The graphics are grim and ambient, giving it very “Dark Souls” like feel, very atmospheric. Features Easy but Skill based Combat, you have to dodge a lot and slay the enemies on right moment. And you can play it totally offline. Overall, its a very quality action game making its place in our list of Best Android Games July 2019 which you should positively check out.

WONDER BLADE (Action, paid)

A paid action game with lots of carnage, you just pick your weapon, save the world, get the princess! If you love flashy combat, devastating magic abilities and in smooth cartoon style world, than this is for you. There is ton of variety in world with many levels in each of them, in length you can clear the whole game in just few days. the bosses are fun to beat and has funny mount system, you can ride a pig, a robot, or a dragon. Also collect fancy outfits on the way. there are many unique bonus levels keeping you glued to the game. it is a content-packed adventure with lots of replayability and very addictive in nature.


its a Movie like game, a paid adventure game featuring the 2nd episode of the Layton Series. the story is about Professor Layton and tales of a box that brings death upon any who opens it. You travels alongside kind of Detective, Professor Layton, game has hundreds of plus brain teasing puzzles and even trick questions. the characters are engaging, storyline is very enjoyable and gives the game a movie like feel and yes, lots of puzzles. Overall, whether you’re a Layton fan or have never played a game in this franchise before, you’ll be satisfied with this game.

HARRY POTTER: WIZARDS UNITE (AR Adventure, free, no ads)

A highly anticipated, long awaited game from the makers of Pokemon GO. in nutshell, its the same Pokemon go in fantastic beasts movie theme. for Story, you are wizard like other players around the real world and who needs to deal with magical beasts to keep it secret from muggle world. The game uses drawing gestures to cast spells. there are “fortresses” where you can fight other players. Frankly we are not very impressed due to many things like you need Spell Energy to complete tasks, obtainable from “Inns” only which are very rare if you live in remote areas. Otherwise you need real money to get it. The game uses lots of resources which drains phone battery very fast. For someone who never played AR game before it can be a really fun n new experience.

ATTACK ON TITAN: ASSAULT (Action, free, no ads)

A 3D turn-based RPG based on anime series “Attack on Titan”. the anime is masterpiece and if you liked it you should play this game. In game you can choose your Favorite Character from anime! you can Parkour through world using ODM Gear, Time your strikes to get perfect combos. can be Played Alone or coop With Your Friends! basically you play through missions to slay titans and unlock more, so on. The gameplay is smooth other than occasional lags. Game UI is not so good, Micro transactions pop-ups show up frequently and the game by limited by “Stamina”. its not available on play store in many countries yet, but can be downloaded from other sources.


And the last game in our list of Best Android Games July 2019 is Rome:Total War – Barbarian Invasion. Another port of old time popular game “Rome: Total War”. you can choose from 18 factions to engage in turn-based strategy and real-time battles, Invading the Roman Empire. All of the 18 factions are playable, including some not available even on PC original. Capturing or Destroying settlements across the map, Mining the resources to gather force for your battles. Graphics are OK OK, but the battlefield turns really messy with thousands of soldiers fighting at same time, which is cool to see. There are no microtractions yet, on downside the touchscreen controls have some drawbacks.

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