Best Android Games May 2019

Featuring Best Android Games May 2019. All of the games featured in video are recently released so you can play them right away. play store links to all mentioned games are in description below. not all games are free, and free ones contains ads too, but all of them are very fun and worth trying. the list in not in any order, we leave that to you decide, Gamers.

Download Links for Best Android Games May 2019:

Cyber Hunter

Previously named “Project Battle”, “Cyber Hunter” is a pretty fresh new experience if you are coming from PUBG. The graphics and gameplay are amazing, theme is pretty intense which will keep you addicted with the game. Building, climbing, and gliding adds a nice vertical dyanmic to the game and the map was designed with verticality in mind. The graphics and gameplay are taking mobile battle Royale gaming to the next level. It’d be cool if the character could shoot while gliding.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Rival Stars Horse Racing is the game where you get to manage your own horse stable and race a bunch of different horses. The racing controls can feel little off in start, though racing is pretty fun. The more races you win, more money you earn, more horses you can purchase, and you can breed them to get unique ones. I barely even know about being a horse racer, and game did great job explaining everything, graphics are also pretty stunning. Its the game that all horse lovers have been looking for!

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars is PvP arena game, but also a soccer game. just like Clash Royale mixed with a bit of soccer. You’ll get to face off against opponents to see who can score more goals, with tons of characters. Like Clash royale, characters are set up like cards but everything else is UNIQUE and FRESH. You can create different teams with those cards to best suit your playstyle. Overall a great free to play game.

Arena Stars: Battle Heroes

And we have another game similar to Clash Royale and its many clones, a arena battle game. You’ll start with one hero, but eventually, you’ll unlock many more, and each 1 is customizable with skins. You can also choose from over 40 troops and spells to add to your team. Each battle lasts 90 seconds, and the 1v1 multiplayer gameplay means you can take on your friends to see who is better.

Cultist Simulator (Paid)

it is paid game, with narrative-based roguelike card game. It has lots of replaybilty, each time u inevitably die, you ll find new things you can do with your existing items/cards/jobs. You ll play every round expecting only to do a little better and every time you figure something out, you will get excited. The developers took a simple concept in the form of a card game and mixed it with excitement to dig deep into story. A beautifully crafted game that perfectly finds a way to mimic the descent into madness.

Whispers of a Machine

it is a Sci-Fi crime investigation game follows a spider gwen looking like detective, investigating a string of murders. A Brilliant game! with great writing and the puzzles which are challenging but never illogical. Voice acting is great, but faces are non-moving faces, Story is good, but sometimes feels like dialogue heavy and puzzle light. Its not another ordinary point and click adventure, it ll make you really feel like a crime investigator.

Metal Slug Infinity (Free)

it is latest mobile version of one of most popular arcade shooters from the old generation. unlike its previous games, It’s an IDLE GAME with RPG and shooter elements. You send your party on quests and they shoot lots, with you don’t have to do anything. it features RPG mechanics, cool combat, many fun characters and stuff to collect, and some decent strategy elements as well. if you like IDLE games and lots of shooting, you ll love it.

Monsters with Attitude (Free)

it is a cool game where Players drop into a game world and brawl against one another in PVP battles. after joining this Monster gang, you can drop to play solo or team up with friends. You are a giant in this game and you can destroy things like each other, buildings, trees, and landscape. Each game room has up to 8 players, You can team up with friends and play ranked 4 vs 4 battles as 1 team also. It can be buggy sometimes and we hope the game gets more content over time!


it is an endless driving videogame with a retro feel. you pick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. The gameplay is fun and engaging, the graphics are eye candy and overall theme cudn’t be better. The game also features a lot of fun cars that all handles differently, controls and sentivity setting are pretty customizable. as last 2 updates were great, we are excited to see what the devs plan to do with this game in the future. Also you can actually do a DRIFT MULTIPLIER!! just Like Crash Bandicoot!

Dungeon Warfare 2

Final game in our list of Best Android Games May 2019 is the long awaited sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a tower defense strategy game where you defend your dungeons with traps and heroes. One of the best tower defense games in the play store, is bigger, beefier, and far more complex from its first. It is absolutely fantastic! If you like tower defense at all, this game is for you.

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