Best Android Games September 2019

Featuring the handpicked 10 BEST ANDROID GAMES SEPTEMBER 2019. Every month many new games releases on Android and every month we hand pick the best ones for you. All of the games mentioned in video are recently released so you can play them right away. The Download Links are in Description below. Most games are free, but some are paid too, and free ones has ads mostly, but all of them are very exciting, fun and worth checking out. The list in not ranked in any particular order but first few are best maybe, you can decide which game you find most appealing. Most gameplay featured in video are from the android games trailers and reviews of the respective games.

Looking to play something on your Android mobile device? Like always, we’ve got you covered here.

Download Links for Best Android Games September 2019:

LIFEAFTER: NIGHT FALLS (Survival, Free, No Ads, 2GB) ★4.5

A Free, No-Ads game set in post apoclyptic world after its consumed by zombie virus. When the night falls, world becomes hell, swarming with zombies.
This game is pretty addictive, has console quality graphics, good story and some cool mechanics. its almost on border of horror games, as u can always hear the zombies moaning nearby, giving creepy feeling. Basically you have to get to your home buildings where you have access to weapons, armor, cooking etc. The combat is smooth, the building is well created, the animations are professional. Only criticism is that sometimes server connection becomes difficult making the game unplayable.


its a wild adventure game featuring world exploration, intense JRPG turn-based combat and a deep story. its about Helping young Gully to find her lost father, who receives help from 5 other heroes, each with their own unique skills. The huge world of game has randomly-generated dungeons and Arenas. All heroes can craft armor, weapon and magical jewelry. its packed number of enemies like Demons, Machines, Zombies – you name it! Also game has nice graphics, voiced dialogue & open cinematics. Only things that we found lacking is the music & the tutorial maybe. Overall, If you love RPG games, you shud definitely play this one.

HAMSTERDAM (Action, Paid, No Ads) ★4.6

A very fun Award winning action game, where you play as cute hamster with martial arts. Story is about journey to take down the Vermin Gang, save Grandpa, and restore peace to Hamsterdam. Most of the time you Swing and flick to complete several mini-games to progress, it needs some quick reactions. Its densely packed with action and smooth animations, holding your attention for hours. The combat has a wonderful rhythm to it, but also remains a challenge throughout, sometimes it could get bit repititive though. All chracters, hamsters, enemies, even the evil boss, they’re all very adorable. To summarize, Hamsterdam is really enjoyable adventure and a game everyone should check out.

GEARS POP! (Strategy, Free, No Ads) ★4.4

A long awaited game where the Gears of War & Funko Pop! merged to deliver you real-time Player vs Player battles set in Gears of War universe. if you have played any gears of war game, you will find it very familiar. There are over 30 characters with Ultimate abilities, you can form your squad, and there these big leagues to challenge the Top players. Game also has AI opponents if you are wondering. Graphics are good, but can be better. The limiter of this game is that currency u get, its severely limited, lootboxes takes long time to open, and you also need money to level up. Game’s true potential feels locked for people who will spend real money to upgrade.

TRAIL BOSS BMX (Adventure, Paid, No Ads) ★

A new BMX bike riding game in which you go through increasingly tricky levels while pulling off daring stunts, huge combos and testing your skills. it has 40 hand crafted levels ranging from trick challenges to score challenges. The riders look cool and you can also customize your bike with custom paint jobs. The gameplay is super smooth and very realistic for the most part. Sometimes its gets frustrating as the Courses get really tough, Harder than you expect. The challenges also get very difficult to complete when you cant make each jump. But if you like challenging games, this one is gonna rock you hard!

YOKAI DUNGEON (Arcade, Free, Has Ads) ★4.6

A bomberman style arcade game in which Yokai or Ghosts have messed up festival and you job is to Push blocks to crush yokai. it has randomly generated dungeons and ton of Japanese folklore. 20 heroes are playable each with unique stats. You can also Equip items with abilities and has access to Multiple control types. it’s fun game with cool music, very fitting to the gameworld. it has some really interesting scenarios and enjoyable bossfights. It has ads but we rarely seen any in our play so far. Sometimes the theme becomes repetitive but not so much, its simply one of best arcade games we found this year.

BEHOLDER 2 (Adventure, Paid, No Ads) ★4.7

This Sequel of breathtaking Beholder game, brings you back to Helmer, where you will become a cog in big totalitarian world once again. Word totalitarian means government system where you service only for state. You dont need to play first Beholder game to understand the events of the sequel. This games is one of kind, Unique bureaucratic simulator! Giving you Difficult moral choices and as your decisions affect the storyline, it has Multiple endings! Game has dark but very eye candy art style. it Also features mini-games, processing of citizens applications and lots of dark humor. Only down we found that controls can bit difficult in crowded scenarios.

GIGANTIC X (Top-Down Shooter, Free, Has Ads) ★3.9

its a Free top-down sci-fi shooter with focus on action gameplay, where you are a mercenary clearing planets from alien parasites and hordes of monsters. You Play as 3 characters with different weapons, armors and abilities. you can also play in co-op with friends in real time. Graphics show great quality and gameplay is super simple, except some levels can be challenging. You wont feel that this is much repetitive because of the frontline missions. This game is underrated but its challenging and fun to play. it can be improved alot if devs add more game modes and missions into it. There are some bugs and rewards feels bit weak but hopefully they will be fixed soon.

WITCHEYE (Platformer, Paid, No Ads) ★4.6

it is a big, colorful, classic platform adventure. you play as witch who transforms into a flying eyeball chasing a knight who steal your ingredients. you bounce off of enemies and dodge hazards in 6 worlds to push through. This game combines crisp pixel art with Swipe to move and touch to stop control system. You’ll face tricky enemies and tough ones like blue shieldmen, puzzles and upbeat music holding u in game. it has Unlockable bonus modes like 1 with fully remixed enemies, speedruns, including player ghosts to best urself. you ll also enjoy finding “diamonds” hidden in each level. Witcheye is an all-around great game that we would definitely recommend.

FNAF 6: PIZZERIA SIMULATOR (Simulation, Paid, No Ads) ★4.4

From the developers of Five Nights at Freddy’s, this new Simulator is very different, it puts you in charge of developing your own restaurant!
Purchase your attractions, decor & equipment etc. After a busy day you hv to do the paperwork and plan to build your business further. you can take the revenue you earned and reinvest it back in restaurant, slowly turning pizza business into an empire. its One of the best ports from pc to mobile as game runs smoothly and has graphics n mechanics identical to PC version. We think Joystick n controls needs to be larger and customizable, other than that its amazing simulator game.

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