Best Free to Play PC Games in 2023

We are featuring a new list about the Best Free to Play PC Games in 2023 which you can enjoy right now. This handpicked list of ours includes games from almost all genres from RPGs to first-person shooters.

Best Free to Play PC Games in 2023:



First game we have is, “MultiVersus”. This is newly released multiplayer fighting game with DC universe of superheroes. From what we’ve played, this is great fun game with plenty of potential, even if its iterations of the Smash Bros formula aren’t that impactful. Character perks and classes invite players to work more cooperatively which is a nice touch, but these can make the characters feel as weighty as Smash Bros iconic character roster. Regardless, it’s hard to criticise much when MultiVersus is completely free-to-play and a great brawler to play with friends, which is why it deserves a first spot on our list.


Rocket League

Next on our list is “Rocket League”. It is a elevated game of football or you might say “soccer”, but with rocket-propelled cars in place of humans. The cars feels like an alien space-ship and the ball seems like a zero-gravity orb you can’t hit at first; But with time, comes mastery, And it become a whole lot of fun. When you manage to pull-off a goal from an aerial strike, it’s an unmatched feeling; Even just the act of slamming the boost button to clip the ball away from someone else’s bonnet, is fantastic. Give it time and you’ll come to learn that football with rocket cars is maybe the future; Play it with your friends, and your will have fun of your life.


Halo Infinite

Next title we have is, “Halo Infinite”, Multiplayer mode specifically. Ever since the rocky reception of Halo 5, we didn’t think we’d ever get the Halo series back on track, but we were very wrong; as Halo Infinite’s multiplayer isn’t only free-to-play, it is, the Halo experience again. Overall, it’s a “classical arena shooter”; there are Flags to be captured, flaming skulls which must be clutched for as long as possible. Sometimes, you’ve just got to frag-out; No battle royale mess, just snappy Halo gunfire mixed with fun shooting gameplay. Each map is a playground and you’re the power rangers of silliness with explosive effects.


Call Of Duty: Warzone

Next game we have is, “Call Of Duty: Warzone”. It might not be up everyone’s alleys, but there’s no denying that it’s a slick free-to-play FPS package. This is a battle royale that stands out among similar games in favour of action; the focus is solely on getting you into fights and showcasing its intense shooting. It’s also one of few battle royales that lets you create your very own custom loadouts, which you can then call into the warzone if you’ve gathered enough ingame cash. Another thing about Warzone is pacing; Matches are balanced just right, so that you are never just running for ages, with nothing to do as in PUBG, or Apex Legends.


Genshin Impact

Next game on our list is “Genshin Impact”. It offers a vibrant anime style open world game, with the ability to climb any surface, filled with gentle environmental puzzles and groups of goblins like creatures to battle. Its somewhat similar to breath of the wild but vastly different at same time. The combat system is different and you can swap between 4 characters at any time, each with their own play-style and tons of weapons to loot. You’ll get 6 characters for free, probably 2 or 3 more from character spinner and you’ll be in for days before you start to feel the grind. Also, the game is frequently updated with new content regularly.


Apex Legends

Next we have is “Apex Legends”. It is very popular multiplayer battle royale shooter that we’re going to see for a long time. Apex has more clever new ideas than many others like it; Characters have abilities, and intense gameplay which stays till the last-squad-standing; Even the ping system has set a new industry standard for communication. Players can respawn, and supply ships give players objectives to pursue where they can reach via the zipwires and balloons. The result of these movement abilities is a game where you can often escape from encounters; A refreshing change of pace in this genre, where death often arrives from the enemies you never saw.


Path Of Exile

Next we have is, “Path Of Exile”. It is a gore slick and intricate action RPG with a diablo style top-down camera. While it may escalate into hardcore complexity, it starts out simply as players walking around and bashing monsters; After that, you level up and loot, in the process of becoming an more powerful bringer of death. If you want to survive the endgame however, you’ll need to make some careful choices regarding your character build. While a loot and levelling-heavy free-to-play game could be an monitized mess, Path Of Exile stays very ethical. Every class, every dungeon, every piece of loot is earned by playing normally, with no shortcuts available.


Team Fortress 2

Next game we have is “Team Fortress 2”. Yes, it is 13 years old now, but still feels modern because it re-made the formula for online shooters in its own image. It’s a team-based hero shooter where 2 teams battle against one another, with each player choosing from 9 available characters. Each character has their own weapons and abilities, and teams will either be attacking or defending on maps about capturing briefcases or pushing a payload across the map. As for its payments in-game, its mostly hats & weapon crates, but they’re also craftable if you don’t want to spend anything. The game is still lots of fun, and it can still keep you entertained for years.



Next game on our list is “Warframe”. It is free-to-play multiplayer action shooter where you play using different suits or characters called frames; The game has improved so much that right now it’s almost unrecognisable from what launched in 2013. What was once a handful of levels to endlessly grind through is now a proper solar system, featuring two vast open world areas, a iron-man like suit for dogfighting missions, a hoverboard, a series of AI companions and a roster of 66 Warframes to learn and master. Every level you’re surrounded with other players doing space magics with their alien frames, and it’s a tantalizing glimpse of your potential future.


World Of Tanks

Finally we have “World Of Tanks”. It is another massively multiplayer online game where you play using one of the many many tanks from world war era. In each round, small teams of players, each controlling their own tank, rush out from starting positions to do battle across mid-sized maps that alternate open areas and small chokepoints. The tactics required are all about positioning: how do you get an angle on an enemy without exposing the vulnerable side of your own tank. If you somehow position yourself on a elevated ridge such that your artillery tank can hit its target, without simultaneously exposing yourself, you will be set for blasting fun

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