Best Table Tennis Mobile Games 2019

Best Table Tennis Mobile Games

For Table Tennis and Ping Pong fans there are plenty of options available to play games right on your smartphones, if you want to go through that charm then check out our suggestions of Best Table Tennis Mobile Games below. But first lets have little look at the details of real table tennis.

Table tennis, sometimes also known as Ping Pong, is the second most practiced sport in the world only next to soccer. It is unanimously accepted as no. 1 brain sport but it offers a number of amazing benefits to its players This is a unique sport that aids in perfectly achieving physical and mental health goals combined with bonus of fun. There are less chances of injury in table tennis as compared to other sports, therefore, it is a priority choice from people of all ages.

Table Tennis is played on 9 feet by 5 feet flat table. This table is divided into two equal portions with the help of a net that is 6 feet long and 6 inches high. Ball is thrown by player on one side towards player standing on opposite side in such a way that the opponent misses the ball and person hitting the ball gets an advantage.

This brain challenging game is jam packed with amazement. Similar charm of playing table tennis can be experienced with notable ease at our fingertips. With the day by day advancements in technology nearly everything has shrunk into our hands. Development of various applications has made our lives lot easier.

I personally like to play physical ping pong game. But I do enjoy mobile games when I have free time. I like physical game because it is helpful in physical and mental exercise. Says Owais Shah Founder of Indoor Champ

There are various applications available for various purposes and our all everyday tasks. Table Tennis game applications are amazingly infused with enthusiasm of playing sports and contain all the elements of fun. There are number of table tennis applications.

Though physical table tennis is real world table tennis in which you become real life champion and hero by defeating other players. But anyone playing on mobile can get temporary feeling of being best. It is a good option particularly for those people who don’t have access to table tennis courts. Physical game involves lots of muscular movement whereas playing on mobile app you are at ease by simply swiping or tapping on your mobile. Playing through android games one can’t go through physical amazement of table tennis, yet it can provide a good introduction to beginners to world of table tennis and can give them basic know how of the game and increase concentration of people which is the core of any sports.

Now for the best Table Tennis Mobile Games, Below are some top rated applications which we think you will enjoy if you love table tennis. These are available to download on Android Play store. Links are given below games.


1. I am Ping Pong King

Best Table Tennis Mobile Games

‘I am Ping Pong King’, is the very highly rated table tennis app available on android app store as well as iOS. Developed by Taiwanese company Orangenose Studio and released on 19 June, 2018 ‘I am Ping Pong king’ is leading table tennis app exceeding 5 million downloads. Sports game is as interesting as is its title. This game is beautifully designed with perfect graphics and sound.

Game is claimed to be ‘Minimal’ yet gives a good challenge to its players. Game is scenario of table tennis court in which two players actually compete for crown. You will face total 16 rivals in order to win game. Players are symbolized in form of funny stickmen. This game is controlled simply by tapping on right or left. In initial levels your opponents will be Little Brother, Grandma, School Best, Town Best and Trump, mostly that will throw only 3 balls directed towards left side. Game will progress as you will defeat these players and you will have to face five balls instead of three. At the level of 5 balls, you will face USA Best, North Korea Best, Singapore Best and China Best. After winning all these hurdles, biggest challenge is the ping pong king. This Game requires a lot of concentration, as any miss can make you lose the game. Winning this stage will not bring end to the game rather you will make your level up to the second tournament in which you will face Oranganese developers named as Programmer Jeff, Artist Chelsea, Marketing Rose, Manager Tracy, Producer Leon and Oranganese All Staff will duel with you. Sweet taste of victory will be worth after all exertion, making it one of the best table tennis mobile games.
Download I am Ping Pong King


2. Table Tennis Champion

Best Table Tennis Mobile Games
Table Tennis Champion is revolutionary app in Table Tennis gaming that offers luxurious 3D animations to its users. This game was introduced by Giraffe games, in Dublin Ireland on 17 September 2015. Table Tennis Champion provides its users with a replica of some actual sports challenges due to number of reasons. Players will have to play this game using actual methods and tricks of table tennis. Table Tennis Champions is created by keeping in mind the real physics of the game which will bewitch its player. Players can control game with swipe of their fingers.  User can choose multiplayer option which gives them feel of double events. One can rejoice and upgrade their rankings from ongoing tournaments in table tennis champion world. User can upgrade their skills up to 50 delighting levels. This game is not limited to mobile. People can go ahead and challenge to their social media friends and can easily be boss of their own winning team.
Download Table Tennis Champion


3. Table Tennis Touch

Best Table Tennis Mobile Games
Last Game in our list of Best Table Tennis Mobile Games is Table Tennis Touch. it is editor’s choice on android app store and contains all the essential features which will make any user instantly love this app. This mesmerizing game app was released by London based game developing company called Yakuto on 11 March, 2015. This app holds many awards and also became google play award winner in 2016. This game takes its start unexpectedly from a garage where you will find an old racket from a frivolous box. You will be then exposed to endless world of table tennis events and tournaments that will bring you to your wits end. Player can make full use of training and Wiff Waff’s series of mini tournaments. These tournaments include 12 unique ping pong challenges. Half Table, Skittles, Accuracy Zones are few to count. You can work up to your destiny by playing club leagues and national and international tournaments. This progression will be combined with unlocking of advance rackets. This game flashes high quality HD graphics and involves physics related to game. Player can play infinite shots e.g curving loops and drop shots are just a few to name. More people compete with one another in order to win so this is a multi player game. A seductive part of table tennis touch is that this game can also be played offline, so VIOLA. One will surely end up in game after winning loads of trophies and becoming peer of Table Tennis.
Download Table Tennis Touch


Article by Muneer Shah

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