Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover | Full HD

Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover

Bloodred gaming youtube cover made exclusively for gaming Youtube channels. This is Freebie, just download fully layered PSD, Edit it to your style.

Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover

Hi there, week ago i created this gaming youtube cover exclusively for one of my friend ConetFun Gaming youtube channel. So, i thought why not share it forward, sharing is caring. Hence presenting you the Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover for your gaming videos or as banner on social media or anything else you can think of.

Dont worry if you are newbie in Photoshop, just grab the PSD, double click on text layers, edit the text and Save. But if you are Advanced Photoshop user, you can download the PSD and edit as you like. All files are in HD (2560 x 1440) resolution as specified by youtube official guidelines. Additionally the background is inspired strongly from a pinterest post (lost the link). You can use all these assets in way you want but credits are really appreaciated.

If you cant edit it, or find it difficult to customize, all you need is to ask us and we’ll help u!

Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover previews
Bloodred Gaming YouTube Cover
ConetFun Gaming Youtube

Downloads (Direct Link)

BloodRed YouTube Cover Template PSD
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  1. I cant edit it in psd because i dont have any dekstop My youtube channel name is (Wick Gaming)
    Can you olease edit it for me (bloodred gaming youtube cover)

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