Fantasy Map Assets Pack

paper map demo - Fantasy Map Assets Pack

This asset pack is personally crafted to create maps for fantasy game projects (check demo image). You are going to need photoshop to create maps (it can be done in any image editor or unity itself but Photoshop is recommended). Basically, you will get everything to create your fantasy map from scratch in this pack. It includes 200 plus assets, named and organized properly in folders, several different styles and all in both black and white colors.

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Assets Size: 512x512px to 3840x2160px (4K).

(icons are all 512x512px, other assets are bigger in size)

This pack contains following:

1. Backgrounds (paper bases)

2. Overlays (borders, topography, lines)

3. Water backgrounds (colored and white)

4. Buildings (solid and outlined)

5. Icons (30+ map icons)

6. Islands (10+ landmasses)

7. Mountains (2 sytles)

8. Trees and Plants (outlined and solid)

9. Misc (Waves, compass, etc)

10. Photoshop Brushes and Patterns (WIP)

11. PSD Source Files

To make this, I did extensive research about the real maps from professionals and old cartographers, explored many popular game maps such as skyrim, witcher and dungeons & dragons maps. I am working on this actively and also open to suggestions. This pack is going to get updated pretty regularly.


mountains - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
islands - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
icons - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
colors - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
buildings - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
water bg - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
water bg.png
trees waves - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
trees & waves.png
topography - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
styles - Fantasy Map Assets Pack
paper map empty - Fantasy Map Assets Pack


To create maps, you need Photoshop or another image editor. You can create in Unity also but Photoshsop is recommended. Also, Refunds will not be accepted if the asset has been downloaded.