Far Cry Games Ranked from the Best to Worst

This is the definitive List of Far Cry Games Ranked from worst to best, in our unbiased opinion. Far Cry franchise is one of the pioneers of the first-person sandbox action adventure genre developed by ubisoft with its first title released in 2004. The series is escpecially famous for its iconic villans, that you might recognize even if you have never played any of far cry games. Let’s dive right in, and take a look back at them.

Far Cry Games Ranked: Our Honest Take on the Best and Worst!



Far Cry New Dawn

Starting with the worst one, we have Far Cry: New Dawn. Following the success of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft released Far Cry New Dawn which would feature Hope County in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game set a lot of expectations for hardcore fans with its promotions. But upon its release in 2019, the game turned out to be a sheer disappointment. Apart from its vivid color palette, the game felt like it did not use the potential of a post-nuclear setting at all. The story as cool as it sounds, is just full of forgettable characters. Even Gameplay wise, it does not bring anything new to the table. Honestly the whole game just feels like a colorful mess with no moments worth remembering.


Far Cry Primal

Next up, we have Far Cry: Primal. This installment in the franchise has some unique mechanics and it is the furthest from feeling like a traditional Far Cry game. Released in year 2016, the game takes players back to the Stone Age where you play the role as Takkar, who must climb up the ranks from being a regular hunter to leading his entire tribe. The game replaces the modern firearms with primitive weapons like spears, clubs, bows and arrows, and player has special power by which he can summon animal companions during battles. It is definitely a great choice for players who are looking for a unique Far Cry experience. It’s not a bad game at all, it just does not feel like a far cry title.


Far Cry 4

Next we have is Far Cry 4. This title features the towering sight of the Himalayas, players are put in the shoes of a indian man who visits Kyrat, a fictional country that has an ongoing civil war against a evil dictator named Paagan. The protagonist visits the country to fulfill his mother’s dying wish, but the sentimental aspect is soon lost as he immediately gets involved in all of its chaos. Far Cry 4 features slightly improved graphics from its predecessor, has a okay okay story, and unique setting which sets it apart from other iterations of franchise. Overall it earned a positive reception from fans of the series but still this title isn’t considered, “groundbreaking”.


Far Cry 6

Next we have is: Far Cry 6. This is the latest title of the series released in 2021, where players are put on a tropical Island called Yara which resembles the Republic of Cuba in reality. it is undoubtedly the best-looking Far Cry game in the series with its beautiful mountain views and orange sunsets. It also brings back some of old elements to the game such as the brutal healing animations, and It gives player’s the option to choose a voiced male or female as protagonist, which is unique to this title. Overall, the gameplay and storyline is kind-of letdown, the game was very hyped before release, we can say that its great on paper but just fine in actual experience.


Far Cry 5

Moving to next rank, we have: Far Cry 5. It has to be one of the most profitable titles for Ubisoft selling more than 20 million copies worldwide. The game puts players in a fictional American setting called Hope County based in Montana. Unlike the older titles, players can create their own customized character who joins the resistance fighting against the Seed family. Its open-world design, compelling storyline involving a cult, and charismatic villain, coupled with improved graphics attracted lot of players. Moreover, the Co-op multiplayer and robust customization options also contributed to its popularity, enhancing player engagement and replayability of this title. A great title overall.


Far Cry 1

Moving on to the top 3, we have: Far Cry 1 or just Far Cry. This is the game that kicked off the entire franchise by merging FPS mechanics with an open-world sandbox setting. This 2004 masterpiece was created by the German studio Crytek, and featured the Cryengine which was later used in Crysis series. The game offered a lot of new features which were not seen in a shooter such as the addition of diverse vehicles, optional pathways, and a huge map to explore. Unfortunately, the game has not aged very well and it certainly feels outdated, of-course as it’s 20 years old now. Regardless of that, the game has cemented its place among the best titles of the early 2000s, right up there with Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto series.


Far Cry 2

On number 2 we have: Far Cry 2. This 2008 FPS shooter has a cult-like following among Far Cry fans and for good reason. This game is considered as one of the most immersive and realistic title, not only in Far Cry series but across the whole genre. You play the role as one of the mercenaries who must stop Jackal, a weapons dealer who provokes the conflict between two factions. The game pioneered many new mechanics that would go on to become a staple of the series, like dynamic fire and weapon systems, open-world gameplay, non-linear storytelling, and environmental interactions. Its innovative features included real-time map movement, a malaria mechanic, and a diverse ecosystem. While the first game set the foundations for the series, Far Cry 2 was the title that made the franchise “legendary”.


Far Cry 3

Finally on number 1 we have: Far Cry 3. This has to be one of the most critically acclaimed Ubisoft titles to ever come out. The game is considered a cult classic due to its lush tropical setting, engaging storyline, and a very hardcore villain, who leaves a lasting impression on players. It is set in fictional Rook Islands, where you play as Jason Brody who must save his friends and his brother captured by pirates. Along your journey, you will meet several memorable characters like Dennis, Citra, and others who aid you in your quest. The freedom to explore and engage in various activities, coupled with its skill progression system, and stealth mechanics, created a captivating gameplay experience. These factors, along with its impact and nostalgic value for players, makes Far Cry 3, a must play game for everyone. If you want to try just one title from this list, this is the one.

And there you have it! The Far Cry Titles ranked from worst to best in our opinion. Share your thoughts and personal experiences in the comments below! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe, to stay up-to-date with all our gaming content. Until next time, Thanks for Watching.

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