Gore Games Android – 15 Mobile Games with INSANE GORE & VIOLENCE

The list of Top 15 Best Gore Games for Android. These are the Most Violent and Brutal Android Games you can find on Google Play Store.

Top 15 Mobile Games with INSANE GORE & VIOLENCE! – Gore Games Android

Looking for an adrenaline-packed gaming experience on your Android Phone or Any Mobile Device? This handpicked list dives into the world of the most intense and blood-pumping games out there on Android. Brace yourself for the most violent and gore Android games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

They’re packed with violence, bloodshed, and gore. Take a break from daily frustration and have some fun by blasting zombies, creatures, and monsters. Tear them apart, spill their blood, and crush anything in your path. It will help you unwind and release your anger. If you get frustrated easily, give these gore android games a shot. We’ve listed the genres and provided download links for each game below.



Gore Game Android, Sandbox, Action, Free to Play

GoreBox is an action-packed sandbox game that blends intense action with endless creativity. At the heart of the game lies the Reality Crusher, a unique tool that empowers players to spawn, modify, and obliterate entities within the game. With the Reality Crusher, you’re not just a spectator – you’re the master of your own chaotic journey.

Players can control the game’s ragdolls and play with physics, making exciting situations where they balance fun and safety. Customizing is important. You can choose to be invincible, fly through walls, or take full control in creator mode. The game has a map editor. You can make your own maps and share them with others.

Express yourself easily in GoreBox. Customize skins and accessories for players and goredolls. No formal role-playing features, but you can RP through chat and trading. Every encounter matters because you might lose currency when you die. Cross-platform play means fun never ends, whatever device you use. Jump into GoreBox now for your own wild adventure full of chaos and creativity.

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Mortal Kombat

Action, Fighting, Free to Play

Mortal Kombat Mobile is a free fighting game for Android where you can collect iconic fighters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden. You’ll battle other players in 3v3 fights and climb the ranks in different modes. You can collect more than 150 characters in Mortal Kombat. They include classic fighters from the first game, and special guests like Freddy Krueger and Terminator.

Each fighter has their own special moves, and you can strategize by building teams with strong synergies. You can even unlock special moves like Friendships and Brutalities to really humiliate your opponents. There are also single-player towers to conquer and explore Shang Tsung’s Krypt for hidden treasures.

Mortal Kombat Mobile offers bit of violence and fun for everyone. You can battle other players online or tackle tough towers solo. You can Download it for free and start punching your foes right away.

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Dead Effect 2

First Person Shooter, Free to Play

Dead Effect 2 is an exciting sci-fi shooting game for Android. It takes place in space on the ESS Meridian. The game has awesome graphics and sound, making players feel like they’re really in space. It’s got cool effects and a great soundtrack that keeps you hooked.” Professional voice actors narrate the storyline, enhancing the immersive experience.

The game features deep character development with three unique personas to choose from. Players can improve their characters by training them and choosing from over 100 body implants and gear sets. They can customize how they play. There are also over 40 weapons they can upgrade to face tough challenges.

Dead Effect 2 gives you more than 20 hours of campaign gameplay and 10 hours of special missions. You stay hooked with its exciting story and lots of achievements. You can customize controls to suit you, even using a controller if you want. Dive into the nightmare aboard the ESS Meridian and see if you can survive the horrors that await.

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Slayaway Camp 2

Puzzle, Gore Game Android, Free to Play

In this game sequel, you play as Skullface, a killer trapped inside a retro horror movie catalog. Your mission: solve puzzles, hunt down victims, and unleash terror. Skullface gets pulled into a streaming service. He sees lots of people who could be his victims. They’re watching all kinds of old movies.But don’t worry, they won’t escape your wrath.

You can be Skullface or pick other scary monsters like Gourd Head, Killer Fridge, or Demon Doll. Your aim: scare perfectly by solving puzzles, hiding, and grabbing special weapons. The better your kills, the higher your score.

As you play more, you’ll get new types of stories, places, and people by getting star ratings. You need to be clever and find secret weapons to do well. Every time you unlock something, you’ll find scarier challenges and more brutal ways to finish off your enemies.

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Guts Out: Ragdoll Dismember

Action, Simulation, Free to Play

Guts Out is a game full of chaos. It’s a wacky physics-based game for Android where you dive into a crazy world full of bizarre creatures and wild challenges. The controls are simple and easy to get the hang of, making Guts Out great for both casual players and those who love simulation games.

Guts Out is packed with excitement! Enjoy vibrant graphics, funny animations, and non-stop fun. Control ragdolls, ride scooters, skateboards, and use cool weapons like spearguns and grenade launchers. Every moment is thrilling with destructible objects and splattering blood. Get ready for endless chaos! Get ready to dive in and start smashing, slashing, and causing mayhem, reserving its spot as one of the Gore Android Games.

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The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter

Action, Shooter, Free to Play

The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter plunges you into a bleak world overrun by zombies and bandits.You’re a survivor in a world wrecked by disaster. Your job: complete quests, boost your skills and gear, and chat with other survivors. This mobile game mixes survival RPG and shooting, with lots to do offline and many tough tasks.

You fight zombies with guns and melee weapons in different places. Use medkits and food to heal and get stronger. Do quests, get better gear, and unlock perks like more health or better lockpicking. The game has old-school graphics and lets you choose your own story path based on your decisions.

The Walking Zombie 2 doesn’t just offer non-stop action. It tells a gripping story about you, the Chosen One, who has a sad past. Immune to the virus causing the apocalypse, you hold the key to humanity’s survival. You’ll team up with new friends, find out where you come from, and set out to make a cure. You’ll fight tough foes and survive in a dangerous land. The game lets you craft, build, and drive, making it a deep and exciting experience in a bleak but promising world.

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Zombie Ultimate Fighting Champ

Action, Fighting, Free to Play

In the year 2036, a serum turns people into zombies. Papa Rainbow, a new villain, controls these zombies, aiming to destroy humanity. Your task? Assemble a team of zombie fighters armed with powerful weapons to combat this threat. You’ll gather special zombies and fight tough enemies in pit fighting leagues.

To succeed, you must carefully select your team composition. Combine Brute, Mauler, and Stalker classes strategically. Brutes crush with sheer power, Maulers excel in health and agility, while Stalkers unleash fast, special attacks. Equip your fighters with deadly weapons and sturdy armor to dominate the battlefield.

You’ll battle through four tough Fighting Leagues. Each has its own challenges and zombie bosses. Fight in arenas like the Salvage Yard and Fortune Casino. Get closer to beating Papa Rainbow and making it one of the Gore Android Games.

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Gladiator True Story

Hack n Slash, Free to Play

Bruticus: Gladiator is a thrilling game where you control a strong warrior named Bruticus. His goal? To be the best gladiator ever. The game offers the ability to toggle blood and gore, adding to the intensity of the battles. Ofcourse you turn it to maximum for our list of most violent bloodiest android games ever.

You’ll face waves of formidable opponents in a relentless hack n’ slash combat style. Upgrade your armor and weapons to deal even more damage as you progress through the brutal arena. The game adds new magical swords and powerful shield attacks to make your fights better. It also has fire powerups that make things explode in a cool way.

With no in-app purchases, “Bruticus: Gladiator” offers the full gaming experience for free. Get ready for “Bruticus: Gladiator”! Dive into intense battles, collecting hidden skulls and unlocking trophies. Meet Hugo, your dino pal, adding excitement to fights. Conquer the arena and unleash your inner gladiator!

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Alien Shooter Free

Top-down Shooter, Free to Play

Alien Shooter World offers a dynamic gaming experience on Android. Players can pick different weapons and armor sets to handle various challenges. There are more than 20 arenas with different bosses and special enemies. Each arena has its own fighting style and rewards. Finish contracts and follow the roadmap to get better gear and find new stuff to do.

The game has lots to offer: play for hours across three main story maps and extra missions. You can play with friends or random allies for multiplayer missions. Explore dungeons, heroic missions, and survival challenges on different difficulty levels. Master 39 skills and choose from three character leveling branches for customization and growth.

Engage in fierce fights against lots of monsters. Watch their bodies stack up as you progress. “Alien Shooter World” lets you play offline, so you can fight monsters whenever and wherever you want. Whether you play alone or with friends, this game is full of action for Android gamers.

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Zombie Age 3: Dead City

Gore Games Mobile, Action, Free to Play

Zombie Age 3: Dead City is back with more zombies, weapons, and heroes for an intense gaming experience. Dive into the zombie slaughter with your own style and embrace the challenge of surviving in a world overrun by the undead.

As a lone hero, you’ll face overwhelming odds against hordes of zombies. But simply surviving isn’t enough—it’s time to turn the tide of the apocalypse and emerge victorious. With over 30 deadly weapons and 20 unique characters to choose from, you’ll find your own strategy to take down the undead menace.

Team up with friends for cooperative gameplay and tackle the zombie onslaught together. Zombie Age 3: Dead City is packed with excitement! It has 10 game modes and tough boss battles. You can show off your skills by competing for achievements and climbing global leaderboards. Get ready to fight for survival and take down the zombie horde in this epic battle for humanity.

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Surgery Master

Simulation, Role Playing, Free to Play

Surgery Master is a realistic surgery game where you step into the shoes of a courageous surgeon. Your mission? Save lives by performing intricate operations on unlucky patients. The game offers a challenging experience, even more intense than real-life surgery. You’ll do surgeries like replacing organs and fixing bones. You’ll use tools such as scalpels, forceps, and lasers. Can you handle the pressure and prove yourself as the ultimate surgeon?

In this game, you’ll encounter hundreds of patients waiting for your expertise. You’ll tackle different medical tasks from brain surgeries to heart operations and lung procedures. You’ll stitch wounds and clean blood, aiming for success in each operation. The game puts you in lifelike hospital settings, offering a real 3D surgery simulation for an immersive experience. So, are you ready to step into the operating room and become the hero surgeon saving lives?

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Racing and Action, Free to Play

Carmageddon is a crazy, no-holds-barred driving game where you rack up points by mowing down pedestrians and even cows! Forget about traditional racing, here it’s all about causing chaos and having a blast. Originally banned worldwide on Mac and PC, this wild ride is now available on Android devices.

In Carmageddon, you’ll navigate real-world environments turned into battlegrounds, where everyone’s fair game. Use your car as a weapon, pick up power-ups for even crazier effects, and watch out for armored cops ready to take you down. With 28 opponents to face off against and 11 intense environments, the action never stops.

In Career Mode, there are 36 levels full of fun chaos. You can unlock 30 cars by racing and wrecking. You can pick from digital, analog, or tilt controls to play your way. Plus, there’s an Action Replay System to record your craziest moments. So buckle up, prepare for laughs, and get ready for some serious vehicular mayhem!

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Post Brutal: Zombie Action RPG

Role Playing, Action Role-Playing, Free to Play

Post Brutal is a thrilling 3D RPG set in a world overrun by zombies. You dive into City Zero’s quarantine, joining fellow survivors after a catastrophic event drove half the city into chaos. In this game, you’re right in the action. With FaceRoom, you can change your character’s face. With VoiceRoom, you can talk in the game using your own voice. It makes the game feel more like yours. Combat moves quickly with 28 weapons. Use Adrenaline Rush to slow time and switch weapons instantly.

Stealth is crucial too. You can sneak around, silently take out enemies with the Assassin skill, and pick locks for new routes and loot. Character development matters, with 10 skills and 30 upgrades to match your playstyle. Your choices shape the story, with many campaign branches and endings influenced by your actions. Post Brutal is an intense violent and gory game where you make choices that decide City Zero’s future. It has renewable missions and tough modes for extra challenge. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

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Gore Games Android, Tap Action, Free to Play

ThumbZilla puts you in control of a giant thumb wreaking havoc in a tiny world sandbox. Your goal? Crush everything in sight and cause maximum destruction. You’ll topple buildings, crush cars, kick tanks, and trample humans as they flee for safety. But be warned: the city fights back with police, soldiers, and even gunships.

The game offers addictive thumb-stomping and kicking action, with an infinite city to explore. The physics are spot-on: kicked cars will demolish buildings and squash fleeing civilians. Plus, there’s hilarious voice-over commentary throughout, adding to the fun. In ThumbZilla, it’s all about unleashing chaos and seeing how much destruction you can cause. So, get ready to unleash your inner giant thumb and dominate the sandbox world!

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Shadow of Death: Offline Games

Role Playing, Action, Free to Play

Shadow of Death is an epic dark fantasy RPG adventure game for Android. Fight against the shadows of war to save the lost kingdom from dragons and demons in this stickman diablo action game. The game doesn’t need internet, so you can play it offline, anywhere.

Choose from 4 classes of soul knights and try various gameplay styles to conquer the hostile dark world. Craft armor sets, collect comrades, and wield dark swords to defeat the dark soul dragon and demons.

Experience good graphics and magical effects in the gothic fantasy city of Aurora. The game is optimized for mobile gaming, delivering console-like quality on your Android device. With Shadow of Death, you can enjoy pocket-sized action RPG gaming offline. Just Select your dark knight and dive into thrilling shadow combat wherever you are.

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Beyond the Top 15 Best Gore Games for Android – Free Games Download for Android

Google Play Store boasts a vast library of fantastic games for every taste. If you like scary games, action, or intense battles, these games will give you the excitement you want, explore more like these on play store. This list just features few of the thousands available there in every genre.

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