Starfield Mod Organizer 2 Guide | How to install mods in Starfield

With the global release of Starfield making waves in the gaming world, you might be eager to explore what makes Bethesda games truly special: mods. While we wait for groundbreaking mods, there are already some fantastic ones available to enhance your Starfield experience and fix some issues. But before you dive into this Starfield Mod Organizer 2 Guide, you need to know about mod managers.

Download Mod Organizer 2

Get from Official Discord Channel
Download from Mirror Link (v2.5.0-beta15)

Use mirror link only if discord link is not working for you.

Full installation and Starfield Mod Organizer 2 Guide

There are two primary mod managers for Starfield: Vortex by Nexus Mods and Mod Organizer 2 (MO2). In our opinion, MO2 is the better choice because it offers more control, an easy-to-use interface, and a clean, ad-free experience. It keeps your game organized and comes with advanced features to simplify your modding journey.


Mod Organizer is in Beta currently

Before you begin, note that at the time of writing, Mod Organizer 2 is in beta for Starfield support. Also, it supports only the steam version and cracked versions, it does not support the gamepass version for now. To download the official version, head to the Mod Organizer’s Official Discord channel and grab the installer build from their Dev builds channel. Alternatively, you can also use the mirror link above if discord is not working for you.


Install Mod Organizer 2

After downloading the setup, run the executable file and follow the installation wizard. We recommend installing MO2 on the same drive as your Starfield game directory for easy access later. Let the installation process complete.


Configure Mod Organizer 2

Launch Mod Organizer 2, and you’ll be prompted to create an instance. Choose “Create a portable instance.” This option installs all mod files in the mod manager’s folder. Next, select your Starfield game or browse to its directory if it’s not listed. Ensure you choose the folder where the “Data” folder and the “starfield.exe” file are located. Set the mod data storage location to match the MO2 installation directory and complete the setup.


Follow the Guided Tutorial (Recommended)

If you’re new to mod managers, we strongly recommend clicking “Yes” to follow the guided tutorial within the software. This will help you get acquainted with MO2’s interface and features.


Configure Nexus Download Links

To download mods directly into MO2, open the settings panel and navigate to the Nexus tab. Click the “Associate with links” button and confirm to enable downloading mods from Nexus Mods.


Set Up INI Files

Go to the tools icon and open the INI editor. Under the “Starfield Custom” tab, ensure that your parameters match the ones provided below. Save and close the panel.



Download Your First Mod

Navigate to the Nexus Mods website and choose a mod to download. Click the “Mod Manager Download” button on the mod’s page.


Install the Mod

Once the mod finishes downloading, right-click it and select “Install.” Customize the mod’s settings as needed in the mod customization panel that appears. Then, click “Next” to proceed.


Enable the Mod

After the mod is successfully installed, tick the checkbox next to it to enable it in MO2.


Launch Starfield from MO2

Select Starfield and click the “Run” button in MO2 to launch the game. Ensure that you run the game from inside MO2 for the mods to work correctly.


Test the Game

Explore the game, and you’ll notice the changes brought by the installed mod. And with this, you’ve successfully completed this Mod Organizer 2 tutorial for Starfield and installed your first mod. Enjoy your enhanced Starfield experience!

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