Top 10 Android RPG Games of 2017

android rpg games

These Android RPG games are top handpicked games for 2017. These android brand new RPG features the best and unique storylines along with different and unique battle mechanics. Our handpicked list of Top Android RPG games till 2017. These are best RPG games on Android platform we found so far. Download links included below.

Top Android RPG Games

We are showing our Top 10 Android RPG games picks for 2017. These are new Android RPG games that features the best and unique storylines along with different and unique battle mechanics. Most of them features character customization and inventory system addictive for those people who like gaming on android smartphones. Most of these android games are free on play store and but some are paid too. Also few games may require internet connection or WiFi to play. Wanna share something or need to vent your rage just post in comments, we read them all!

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Download Links for Android RPG Games

1. Evoland
Download from Play Store

2. Oceanhorn
Download from Play Store

3. Baldaur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

4. Adventure of Mana
Download from Play Store

5. Shadowrun Returns
Download from Play Store

6. Ravensword Shadowlands
Download from Play Store

7. Mage and Minions
Download from Play Store

8. Crashlands
Download from Play Store

9. The Bard’s Tale
Download from Play Store

10. Doom and Destiny Advanced
Download from Play Store

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