Top 10 Hardest Choices in Games forced on Players

In this article, we have a thrilling topic to discuss, about the Hardest Decisions that Games forced on players to make. From deciding the fate of beloved characters to determining the future of entire worlds, these games don’t hold back when it comes to testing your resolve. So, Let’s get started.

Top 10 Hardest Choices in Games forced on Players



Fallout Series – The Power of the Atom

Kicking off our list, the first one is from Fallout 3. The toughest decision in this game comes from the choice presented in the power of atom quest-line, its whether to detonate the atomic nuclear bomb in Megaton and kill many, or disarm it completely. This moral dilemma forces players to consider the lives at stake and make a decision that will shape the fate of an entire town. You can embrace the destruction for big personal gains, or you can prioritize saving innocent lives. Both choices give players real hard time.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Honor Among Outlaws

Next we have is world of Red Dead Redemption 2 which puts you in the boots of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw fighting with the moral dilemmas in a rapidly changing world which is filled with branching quest-lines based on choices. One such example is when Arthur encounters a desperate, wounded man on the side of the road. You can choose to help him or leave him to his fate. This choice reflects your character’s honor level and affects the trajectory of your journey. And this is just one instance from many similar situations which are present in this game, challenging the sanity of your decision making.


Mass Effect Series – The Ultimate Sacrifice

And then we have is the Mass Effect series. It’s known for its gripping storytelling and the weighty decisions it forces upon players. In one specific mission in Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard faces the situation of ultimate sacrifice, deciding which squad member to save on Virmire, as the other gets killed in process. This decision not only affects the fate of your team but also has long-lasting consequences for the entire galaxy. You better brace yourself for an emotional roller-coaster as you sacrifice your comrade, who watched your back on number of missions.


Life is Strange – Rewind and Reconsider

Next is Life is Strange, it takes us on a journey with Max Caulfield, who discovers the power to rewind time. However, this newfound ability comes with its fair share of tough choices. The most challenging decision in the game revolves around whether to save your friend Chloe or sacrifice her for the greater good. It is a heart-wrenching dilemma that tests the limits of friendship and shows you the consequences of altering the timelines. Just for curiosity, let us know what did you choose, in comments below.


Fallout: New Vegas – The Battle for Hoover Dam

Another one comes from the Fallout series, New Vegas specifically, its the quest where you have to pick one side or the other for fate of the Mojave Wasteland. In endgame, As the battle for Hoover Dam looms, you’re faced with choosing which faction to support. The players can side with the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, or they can pursue an independent path. The future of an entire region depend on this decision, leading to totally different endings for the game. Role-playing the whole game on one side then considering other in the end, can really make you question yourself.


Bioshock – The Illusion of Choice

Next comes the epic Bioshock Series. The story of this game challenges the concept of choices itself with decisions that leaves players questioning their morality. As you explore this underwater city, you encounter the Little Sisters, young girls who can be harvested or killed for a valuable substance. The game presents you with a moral dilemma: whether to harvest these little girls or save them from their tragic fate. Both decisions carries significant consequences, shaping the ending of the game and challenging your core principles.


Detroit: Become Human – The Android Revolution

Now to Detroit Become Human. This game presents a near future where androids fight for their rights, and you’re thrown into a world of complex decisions. One standout choice comes when you control Markus, the android revolutionary leader. In the chapter “Freedom March”, Your choice influences the public perception of the androids’ cause and affects the outcome of their struggle for freedom. Players can strive for a peaceful resolution or they have the choice to unleash the fury of the revolution. The idea of Chaos does have a dopamine effect, unless you suffer in it.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Choose Wisely

Moving on to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this critically acclaimed game puts us in the leather shoes of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher faced with many challenging decisions one after the other. One of the toughest choices comes in the Now or Never quest, where you must decide whether to help Triss Merigold escape or prioritize your duty to save the city of Novigrad. The choice here for the players is to either follow your heart to side with your favorite redhead against the world, or choose the greater good for the city. What did you pick?


The Walking Dead – A Brutal World

Moving on to The Walking Dead series, survival is paramount in this telltale game and the decisions you make can have dire consequences. One of the hardest choices comes in Season 1, when you’re forced to decide whether to save Carley or Doug from being executed by Lilly. It’s a split-second decision that tests your judgment and loyalty in a world where trust is scarce. The choice is quick one, but the repercussions are long lasting on both, the ingame characters and the players themselves.


The Last of Us Series – Matters of the Heart

And finally, on number one in our opinion goes to The Last of Us series. The games take players on an emotional journey through the whole story, pushing them to make gut-wrenching choices in this post-apocalyptic world. The toughest decision in the title comes in The Last of Us Part 2, when you control Ellie and must decide whether to spare, or kill Abby, the antagonist. It is a pivotal moment that questions revenge, forgiveness, and the boundaries of humanity itself. After living through the life events of these characters, It’s easier said than done.

And there you have it! The top 10 hardest decisions video games have forced upon us. Share your thoughts and personal experiences in the comments below! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe, to stay up-to-date with all our gaming content. Until next time, Thanks for Watching.

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