Top 10 Most Violent Bloodiest Android Games ever! (2017 Updated)

Top 10 list of Most Violent Bloodiest Android Games updated 2017. Based on most bloodshed, gore and violence presented in gameplay.

Top Bloodiest Android Games 2017

Today we present you the top 10 bloodiest android games ever (updated 2017) filled with violence, bloodshed and gore to get you out of daily life frustration and enjoy your free time by killing zombies, wild creatures or monsters and spoil their blood and cut out out their limbs and destroy anyone who comes in your way. These games are will surely relax you and you can show yor daily life ANGER on these worthless shitty creatures and spoil their blood however you want. Specially if you get frustrated easily than you must try some of these games. We also show the genre under which these games fall and also download links for these android games are also given below. Hope you guys will enjoy these games and now its killing time!

Download links for these android mmo games are following. Do you agree with our list? Hate it? Let us know in comments section below. And Stay tuned for more Quality Android gaming videos.

Download these and start bloodsheding!

1. Gladiator True Story (Genre: Hack n Slash) Google Play
2. Blood, Brains and Gore (Genre: Arcade) Google Play
3. Alien Shooter Free (Genre: Top-down shooter) Google Play
4. Slayaway Camp (Genre: Puzzle) Google Play
5. Minigore 2: Zombies (Genre: Top-down shooter) Google Play
6. Dead Effect 2 (Genre: First Person Shooter) Google Play
7. Surgeon Simulator (Genre: Simulation) Google Play
8. Carmageddon (Genre: Racing and Action) Google Play
9. Flappy Crush (Genre: Arcade) Google Play
10. ThumbZilla (Genre: Top-down Tap) Google Play


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