Top 10 Superhero Games for Android 2018

Featuring Top 10 Superhero Games for Android 2018, check our handpicked best hero games to play this year. All listed games can be played on Android and download links are included below.

Top 10 Superhero Games for Android 2018

These games are our best choice for Superhero Games for Android in the ever made. Packed with several superheroes versus villains. We have picked 10 of the best Superhero Android Games for you to play and choose which superpowers and adventures you want to take. These featuring unique game-play styles and story-lines for full enjoyment with your favorite heroes from Marvel and DC.
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Here are the 10 Superhero Games

Coming soon Links will be added once the games are released.

1. DC Unchained (Action – RPG)
Coming Soon
2. Marvel: Future fight (Action – RPG, Free)
Download from Play Store
3. Injustice 2 (Fighting, Free)
Download from Play Store
4. MARVEL Contest of Champions (Fighting, Free)
Download from Play Store
5. Disney infinity: Toy box 2.0 (Action-Adventure, Free)
Download from
6. Batman: Arkham origins (Fighting, Free)
Download from
7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Action-Adventure, $4.99)
Download from Play Store
8. DC Legends: Battle for Justice (Turn Based RPG, Free)
Download from Play Store
9. Batman v Superman (Endless Runner, Free)
Download from Play Store
10. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Action-Adventure, $6.99)
Download from Play Store


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