The Top 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games Ranked – 2024 Updated List

We rank the Top 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games in 2024. Whether you crave epic adventures or casual fun, this list has you covered. All Genres, All Awesome!

The Best Nintendo Switch Games Ranked – List Updated: April 2024

We have ranked these games based on how much we enjoyed their respective gameplay mechanics, story, fun factor and their critical reception in the audience. For each game, game information (year, genre & trailer), features and our review is given so that you can understand why it deserves a spot on the list.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

2023, Open-World Action-Adventure

Tears of the Kingdom isn’t just the sequel to one of the best adventures on switch (Breath of the Wild). It takes it to a whole new level, earning its spot as the number one in our ranking of best Nintendo switch games of all time. Here’s what makes its stand out:

Massive Open World Exploration: Remember how Breath of the Wild was wide open? Tears of the Kingdom (known popularly as TOTK) takes it up to new heights (and new depths too). It features a massive world with vast lands of varying geography, floating islands, dark depths, hidden caves, and so much more. Climb all the way to the sky or dig deep underground in depths, it’s all seamlessly connected!

Story that Bites hard: Saving Hyrule is cool, but this time the mysterious evil villain Ganon is back with full power, spreading corruption everywhere. Uncover the story behind the oldest roots of the kingdom, the adventure joining the past with the present. The lore and feel of the story is really strong in this chapter, you will also meet old friends along the way, and piece everything together as you save zelda and the world.

New Tricks for Link: Sure, you’ve got your trusty Master Sword, but Tears of the Kingdom gives Link a cool new demon arm attachment with a bunch of powers. You can Phase through walls, grab stuff from afar, rewind time to solve puzzles and even battle using them in all sorts of creative ways. Also, the game features a unique mechanic of crafting things by joining different objects which absolutely has no limits to what you can do (just search about it, you will be amazed)!

To conclude, if you love exploring a massive world, solving puzzles, and uncovering a deep engaging story, Tears of the Kingdom is the ultimate adventure on Nintendo Switch. It’s like a giant, beautiful playground packed with surprises, perfect for Zelda fans and anyone who loves a good game!

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

2017, Open-World Action-Adventure

Breath of the Wild (BOTW) isn’t just one of the Best Nintendo Switch Games, it’s an open-world adventure masterpiece. This is the game which shook the whole world and laid a base for our number one game and its sequel. In Breath of the Wild (known as BOTW popularly), you explore a vast world, climb anything, and paraglide through the skies. Battle strategically with weapons, bows, and dodge tactics. Resource management adds a fun twist, with weapons breaking and forcing improvisation.

Unravel the story of Hyrule as Link, a hero with amnesia, tasked with defeating Calamity Ganon. The main story is there, but BOTW is all about forging your own path. Physics makes the world feel alive as rain slicks rocks, fire spreads, and elements can be used to solve puzzles. Weapon durability adds strategy, making you adapt and experiment.

BOTW isn’t about objectives, it’s about exploration! Every corner holds a surprise, a Korok seed to find, or a challenging shrine. It rewards curiosity and experimentation, making every playthrough unique. Soar off mountains, battle Moblins, and lose yourself in a world of wonder. If you crave exploration and adventure, BOTW is the Switch game for you. Also make sure you play this chapter before moving to Tears of the Kingdom.

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Super Mario Odyssey

2017, 3D Platformer

Super Mario Odyssey takes the next spot, it has the potential to be at number one spot easily for many. This game is all about fun, exploration, and, of course, saving Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches once again. But it’s not your typical Mario adventure, this time, you’ll be traveling through colorful kingdoms filled with secrets and challenges. What makes it special? Well, for starters, there’s the “Cappy” mechanic, which lets you take control of enemies and use their powers (Anyone remember Kirby?). Ever wanted to be a bullet-blasting Bullet Bill? Now you can!

The controls are super smooth, and there are plenty of nods to classic Mario games to make longtime fans smile. But what really sets Odyssey apart is its sense of exploration – every corner holds a surprise, whether it’s a hidden Moon or a funny new creature to control. Whether you’re a Mario pro or a newbie, Super Mario Odyssey promises hours of joy and adventure. So grab your Switch, put on your cap, and get ready for an unforgettable ride!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

2020, Life Simulation

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great choice for anyone Looking for a relaxing game where you can build your own island paradise. You’ll get to design your own character, catch bugs and fish, decorate your home, and befriend adorable animal villagers. The game world changes with the seasons and real time, making it feel extra immersive.

There’s no set story, but you get to create your own fun – will your island be a big city or a quiet getaway? You can collect resources to build furniture and decorate everything exactly how you like. With tons of customization and a relaxing pace, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a charming and heartwarming game that’s perfect for unwinding and some casual fun.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

2019, Tactical RPG

Fire Emblem: Three Houses injects strategy and social simulation into the classic tactical RPG formula. As a professor at a prestigious academy, you’ll lead one of three student houses into tactical battles on beautifully rendered battlefields. This tactical RPG offers a unique blend of strategic battles and social simulation. Lead your students, divided between three rival houses, into grid-based tactical combat that emphasizes unit positioning and class synergies.

Build relationships with your students through monastery activities and conversations, forging bonds that influence the narrative and potentially unlock unique combat abilities. Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers a deep and engaging story with multiple branching paths based on your choices, making it a fantastic strategy RPG experience securing its place as one of the Best Nintendo Switch Games.

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Hollow Knight

2017, Metroidvania

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania masterpiece, offering a sprawling interconnected world to explore. In this game, you’ll dive into a huge world full of secrets and cool powers, playing as a mysterious insect warrior called the Knight. You’ll fight tough enemies and big bosses while exploring the ruins of an insect kingdom called Hallownest, which has been hit by a weird sickness.

The story unfolds as you explore, meeting interesting characters and piecing together what happened. The combat is difficult but at the same time, it feels really good, especially when you’re facing off against bosses. And there’s loads to explore, from hidden passages to cool collectibles. Plus, you can customize how you play by equipping different charms that boost your skills. The game’s hand-drawn art and spooky music make the whole thing feel super atmospheric and immersive.

Overall, if you’re into challenging games with epic stories, cool worlds, and fast action, Hollow Knight is a must-play for any Switch owner!

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

2022, Action RPG

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an awesome game for Nintendo Switch fans who love epic adventures! You get to explore two huge worlds called Bionis and Alrest with a team of six characters. The game is a mix of classic JRPG fun with modern features. You’ll roam around massive areas, battle creatures in real-time, and tackle interesting quests that teach you about the game’s world. The fighting is both smart and easy to get into, letting you use different abilities to wreck enemies. Plus, as you play, you’ll unlock new classes to spice up the action.

The story is kind of touching, following Noah and Mio, two warriors trying to change their destinies in a world at war. Along the way, they make friends with lots of other characters. But what really makes Xenoblade Chronicles 3 stand out is its stunning world. You’ll see breathtaking sights like towering cliffs and lush forests, and the music is good, too. This game is perfect for anyone who loves a good story, exciting battles, and exploring handcrafted places. So, if you have a Switch, give Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a shot!

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Metroid Dread

2021, Action-Adventure

Metroid Dread reignited the iconic Metroid franchise with an exhilarating 2D adventure. The legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran returns in a thrilling 2D Metroidvania adventure. Explore a sprawling alien world, known as ZDR, teeming with danger. Overcome environmental puzzles using Samus’ iconic arsenal, including the ever-reliable Arm Cannon and the versatile Morph Ball ability.

Face off against monstrous enemies, some familiar and some entirely new, utilizing a combination of platforming, shooting, and strategic use of Samus’ expanding suite of abilities. Metroid Dread delivers an exceptional blend of exploration, platforming, and intense combat, staying true to the series’ roots while offering a modern edge.

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2020, Action RPG

Hades is a very fun and intense top down indie game where you battle your way out of the underworld. It’s like a dungeon crawler, but every time you die, it’s a new adventure. You play as Zagreus, son of Hades, who wants to escape. Each try throws you into new challenges with cool weapons and special powers from the Greek gods.

The story unfolds as you play, with interesting characters you meet along the way. Even when you die, you get stronger and learn more about the story. Each escape attempt offers new encounters, boons from Olympian gods that enhance your abilities, and story snippets that slowly unravel the mysteries of the underworld and Zagreus’ lineage. That’s what makes Hades so addictive, you’re always getting closer to your goal! With awesome colorful art style, music, and characters, Hades is a must-play for anyone who loves action games!

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Stardew Valley

2016, Simulation RPG

Stardew Valley is like a cozy escape to the countryside right on your Nintendo Switch. You inherit your grandpa’s old farm, and it’s up to you to make it flourish. You’ll plant crops, take care of animals, and get to know the friendly folks in town. The game’s all about exploring, fishing, and even battling monsters in mines. But it’s not just about farming; you’ll also build relationships with the quirky locals, uncover secrets, and participate in fun festivals.

The game’s cycle of planting, harvesting, and selling is super satisfying, and there’s always something new to discover as you progress. What makes Stardew Valley really special is its relaxed vibe, cute pixel graphics, and soothing music. It’s the perfect game to chill out with after a busy day, offering endless possibilities for fun and relaxation on your Switch. In our honest opinion it is one of the top contenders in Best Nintendo Switch Games.

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Live A Live

2022, RPG

Live A Live for the Nintendo Switch is an RPG that throws all the usual rules out the window. Forget grinding away at one long story – this game is like a choose-your-own-adventure book packed with exciting mini-stories! Travel through time, from dodging mammoths in prehistoric times to facing off against rivals in a wild west duel. Each adventure has its own unique twist, whether it’s turn-based battles or strategic puzzles on a grid. And in the end, These seemingly separate stories all connect in a surprising way.

The controls are easy to pick up, and the focus is on having fun rather than getting bogged down in complicated menus. Plus, you get to decide which adventure you embark on first! With its charming visuals, captivating stories, and innovative approach to RPGs, Live A Live is a true gem on the Switch. It’s an unforgettable adventure that will constantly keep you on your toes, wondering what surprise awaits around the next corner.

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Metroid Prime Remastered

2023, First-Person Adventure

Metroid Prime Remastered is a fantastic remake of a beloved classic game, now on the Nintendo Switch. It’s like a mix of exploring mysterious alien worlds, fighting space pirates with a powerful arm cannon, and solving puzzles to uncover hidden secrets. You take on the role of Samus Aran, a bounty hunter on a mission to stop evil space pirates from getting their hands on a dangerous energy source.

The game got a visual upgrade, making the alien world look amazing, and the controls are smoother than ever, so aiming and blasting bad guys feels great. Plus, the sounds are super cool and atmospheric, making you feel like you’re really there in that alien world. Whether you’re a newcomer to Metroid or a seasoned fan, this remastered game is a must-have for your Switch, offering an unforgettable adventure with tons of exploration, combat, and puzzles to solve.

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Monster Hunter Rise

2021, Action RP

Monster Hunter Rise is a thrilling action-packed RPG where you’ll face off against giant monsters, craft giant weapons, and explore a lively world. In Kamura Village, you’ll gear up with different weapons like Great Swords for heavy hits or Dual Blades for fast attacks. Plus, you’ll craft cool armor sets with special skills to boost your fighting abilities. Whether you’re new to Monster Hunter or a seasoned pro, Monster Hunter Rise has something for everyone.

It’s got easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners and deep combos and gear for veterans. With its fast-paced action and endless replay value, this is another must-have for Switch owners who love exciting combat, adorable companions, and extra large size adventures.

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Splatoon 3

2022, Third-Person Shooter

Splatoon 3 is a super colorful game where you play as squid creatures called Inklings or Octolings. Instead of shooting bullets, you splat ink everywhere to cover as much turf as possible in your team’s color and win! It’s not your average shooter game; it’s fun for everyone! Here’s why it is in our list of best Nintendo switch games: First off, the gameplay is awesome! You’ll have a blast using different weapons like splatter shots and rollers.

Plus, there’s a cool story mode where you explore a post-apocalyptic world called Alterna. You can team up with friends or play online in different modes like Turf War and Splat Zones. The game is bursting with personality! The music pumps you up, the stages are lively, and the characters are totally quirky. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, Splatoon 3 promises a colorful and exciting adventure you won’t forget!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

2018, Fighting

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is like the ultimate party for your Nintendo Switch, especially if you’re into fighting games and love video game history. It’s got a whopping 80+ characters to choose from, including pokemon like Mewtwo and more.

The best part? You can jump right in and start brawling with your friends or against the computer. Plus, there’s tons to do, whether you prefer classic battles, team fights, or exploring the single-player mode “World of Light.” You’ll unlock loads of fighters, collect spirits to power them up, and tackle all sorts of challenges.

And it’s not just about the fighters, there are tons of iconic stages and music tracks that’ll give you serious nostalgia. You can even tweak the rules to suit your style, whether you’re a casual player or aiming for the big leagues. So, whether you’re throwing a party or just hanging out with friends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the ultimate game for any Switch owner who loves fun fights!

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Spelunky 2

2020, Roguelike Platformer

Spelunky 2 is a tough but fun game on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a challenging adventure where you explore caves filled with traps and enemies to find treasure. Even though you’ll die a lot, the caves change every time so it’s always new and exciting. The game rewards you for being good at jumping and using your tools to avoid danger.

There are also many secrets to find that make you want to keep playing. The Nintendo Switch makes it easy to play Spelunky 2 in short bursts because you can take it anywhere. If you’re looking for a difficult but rewarding game, Spelunky 2 is another one of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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2015, RPG

Undertale on the Nintendo Switch is an RPG adventure unlike any other. It ditches the usual monster-bashing and lets you befriend the creatures you meet! Instead of just fighting, you can solve puzzles with words and even play mini-games to become pals with these weird monsters. The story is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the choices you make throughout the game actually change the ending! Undertale is a game that’s more about being kind than just winning battles.

It has a funny cast of characters, a unique soundtrack, and tons of surprises waiting for you. If you’re looking for an adventure game with a big heart, Undertale is a must-play for Switch owners. So why not skip the violence and give making monster friends a try? You won’t regret it! This game is a hidden gem among the Best Nintendo Switch Games.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus

2022, Action RPG

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a whole new adventure for Pokemon trainers! It’s set in an ancient version of the Sinnoh region, and lets you explore freely, catch wild Pokemon directly (without random battles!), and even craft helpful items. Yes, its mechanics are very different compared to traditional pokemon games.

You’ll join a team of researchers to build the very first Pokedex by catching Pokemon and studying their behaviors. Battles are still turn-based, but you can choose between stronger attacks or a speed boost for your Pokemon, making things more interesting. This unique blend of exploration, catching, crafting, and battling makes Pokemon Legends: Arceus a stand out among other pokemon games, a great pick for both longtime Pokemon fans and people who’ve never played before.

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Astral Chain

2019, Action-Adventure

Astral Chain is an action-packed adventure where you play as a police officer fighting aliens with a special chained alien partner! You’ll slash enemies with your sword, use your alien friend’s powers, and solve puzzles along the way. The story takes place in a futuristic city and is full of surprises.

The fighting is unique because you control two characters at once, connected with a virtual chain, making it exciting and challenging at same time. With nice crisp futuristic graphics, music, and a fresh gameplay style, Astral Chain is a great pick for action game fans.

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2018, Precision Platformer

Celeste is an indie game for the Nintendo Switch! It’s a challenging but fun side-scrolling adventure where you climb a mountain as Madeline. The controls are easy to learn, but the climbs can be tough. Don’t worry though, it’s very rewarding to reach the top! The game also tells a story about Madeline’s anxieties and how she deals with them.

It’s a cool way to mix climbing a mountain with overcoming your own challenges in life. Plus, there are new things to discover in each level that keep the game exciting. With beautiful eye candy pixel art, catchy music, and a story that will stay with you, Celeste is a must-have for any gamer.

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Beyond the Top 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch boasts a vast library of fantastic games for every taste. This list just scratches the top of the iceberg. Explore genres like party games with Mario Party Superstars, fighting games with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, or platforming adventures with Yoshi’s Crafted World. There is even a cross universe hybrid titled Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. With its diverse library and portability, the Nintendo Switch continues to be a mini powerhouse in the gaming world. Thanks for Reading.

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