Zero Killed – Tactical Multiplayer VR Shooter

Zero Killed - Tactical Multiplayer VR Shooter

Zero Killed – a tactical multiplayer VR shooter that mixes tactical gameplay, engaging PvP multiplayer, a rich choice of equipment, and gadgets with a dash of sci-fi – launches on Steam Early Access on October 3rd and I can finally share some review copies.

Here’s the link to Steam:
Here’s the latest trailer:

The embargo for posting any content from the game (review, let’s play, stream) is set for October 3rd 11:00 a. m. CET / 2:00 a. m. PDT, so I’d very much appreciate if you could please not publish anything before that date.

Due to the fact, that this is a multiplayer game, below are suggested playing hours, when developers are going to be present on the servers:

Of course, these are only suggested hours, you can play any time. Please feel free to join our Discord if you’d like to chat with devs or other players:

3 comments on “Zero Killed – Tactical Multiplayer VR Shooter

  1. I bought the game on Steam. installed it and when I try to play nothing happens. Currently my options are Party Now, Internet Now, Skins, and Settings. Am I missing something? How can I play the game I paid for? Please help!

    1. the game almost dead now, you wasted your money. try to reach devs in there discord channel or try commenting in steam page.

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