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We are a small team of gamers who collaborate and work individually on all the gaming, coding stuff you see on website here. We are all professionals, we have a Web Developer, a Game Developer, a Youtuber and a Voice Artist amoung us.

Our professions give us a wide range of things we can do. We try to help other gamers and coders as much as we can and upload cool stuff frequently.

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Who we are?


Veteran Gamer and Professional Web Developer. Love playing with Graphics, Codes, Space and Other Sinister things. Also Creater of this website.

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On Road to becoming Game Developer, Creating Top monthly Gaming Lists, Game Reviews and more. Provides the quality gaming content for Android and PC.

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Source of Latest Gaming Videos, Gameplays, Trailers, News & More (Android, IOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch etc). Mostly Top 10 Android & iOS Games.

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We take requests for Guest Articles, Graphics, Game Assets and Other Projects. Get in Touch with us.



We are Developing new Games right now & We will be happy to receive little help from you. Thank you for visiting.

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