Best Android Games January 2020

best android games jan 2020

Its first month of 2020 now and many cool games new games are making their way on android, and we handpicked the best ones of this month. so lets check out the “BEST ANDROID GAMES JANUARY 2020”. all of these are available on play store and download Links are given in below the games. The list in not ranked in any particular order so its up to you to decide which game you find most interesting. Most game-play featured in video are from the android games trailers and game-play reviews or footage’s of the respective games.

Looking to play something on your Android mobile device? Like always, we’ve got you covered here.

Download Links for Best Android Games January 2020:


(Role Playing, Paid, No Ads) ★4.3
its latest paid release in the WitchSpring series of mobile RPGs. Much like the previous three entries, WitchSpring 4 offers a heartwarming story, exceptional graphics, and an enjoyable combat system. this game can be played as standalone even if u know nothing about the previous 3 games. the storytelling is where the game really shines, It is very in depth, thoughtful and you see characters develop. For the price, you could hardly ask for more, especially since this series always brings more to the table than you would expect. if you’re looking for a solid RPG, WitchSpring 4 is it.


(Adventure, Paid, No Ads) ★4.3
it is a paid puzzle adventure game from Bandai Namco that mixes a cute and creepy universe. Much like a point and click adventure game, its your job to explore the game’s beautiful surroundings to eventually escape from a hostile house that seemingly has no exit. In order to survive this adventure, you’ll have to solve many different puzzles, and they can be challenging. its prequel to story of Little Nightmares, but the new monsters aren’t that scary. In some intense tight chase parts, controls can be bit difficult. Overall you will love playing with girl in yellow raincoat.


(Action, Free, Has Ads) ★4.6
For the list of Best Android Games January 2020, this free action game features amazing slow motion shooting. it offers an enjoyable digital shooting gallery which is very fun and also pretty easy. it has so many levels and a huge variety of outfits and weapons and levels. It gets addictive quickly and you can get to level 150 in about 1 hour! While the core gameplay loop of clearing the many enemies of each stage is a hoot, the constant interruptions from ads make it hard to enjoy your time with what is otherwise a solid arcade game. Sadly there is no way to remove these ads as of now but we still recommend you to try it out as the gameplay is really enjoyable.


(Role Playing, Free, No Ads) ★3.9
its a 3D open-world free MMORPG mobile game with the cute art-style. you can play idly and even solo for the most part thanks to the ingame AI. The storyline is incredibly easy to get and you can skip most of it if just want to enjoy the game casually. it features Multiple Classes, you can also Switch between them, raid battles, PvP and you can even make NPCs your friends! A lot of the mechanics ingame, may need some getting used to first. Spending money can get u stronger faster but you can do everything of without spending any at all. getting a party in to do daily missions can be difficult due to timed events. to summarize this is must have for all RPG fans.


(Action, Paid, Has Ads) ★4.9
it is a paid action run-and-gun platformer that contains excellent pixel-based graphics and a solid control scheme. It would appear that the story revolves around a prison that’s under attack, and so it will be your job to take care of this problem through brute-force and guns, many many guns. It also doesn’t hurt that the soundtrack rocks, which helps to round this title out as one of the better 2D platforming shooters out there. it has over 30 levels of non-stop action and its very fun game, just watch the enjoyable chaos and there is lot of it. you ll love it!


(Music, Paid, No Ads) ★4.8
this one is cool paid game where you Avoid all the shapes as you move your ways through the pulsing music beats. its like bullet hell but with rhythm. Surrounded by the red shapes, you will move the square swiftly through the obstacles. With a simple control scheme and great soundtracks, you can have some fun experineces. its an official mobile port of just shapes and beats from other platforms, also we think it shud have some controller support since this game is all about dodging stuff. Overall, It is really worth paying and playing.


(Strategy, Free, No Ads) ★4.4
it is a free strategy game where you’ll pit large groups of your troops against your enemies to eventually rule over a world that had previously fallen into ruin. These battles will be large-scale, which appears to be a current trend in mobile games, so it’s not like this title brings anything new but its good at what it features. for 2020, its one of the best in terms of graphics and gameplay. You command your forces, controlling territories and domains, and hero abilities are fun to watch. the game currently suffers from a few bugs but This game has a lots of potential.


(Strategy, MOBA, Free, No Ads) ★4.4
it is a newly-announced MOBA from Marvel for Android. The title will feature everyone’s favorite heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, in MOBA style game. just imagine league of legends with all marvel characters. It’s a great game, but just like any other games it is not yet perfect. some heroes are more powerful than the other, the character animation could be better. It’s a great game overall, nice character designs, skillsets, and gameplay. if you are fan of Marvel Universe you shud definitly check this out, its free and has no ads.


(Role Playing, Paid, Has Ads) ★4.1
it is the latest release from Kemco, who has been pumping out RPGs as long as the Android OS has been around. This particular title offers 16-bit graphics, turn-based battles, and a okay story that revolves around a legendary hero tasked with saving the world. A fairy-tale like adventure with Hero with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth and a witch! you can also Ride a dragon or raft down the river. it has more than 20 monsters, each with their own abilities and personalities. Because this is a Kemco release after all, and you know they rarely differ from one another. Anyhow it made way for itself in our list of Best Android Games January 2020.


(Role Playing, Paid, No Ads) ★4.2
its paid port of classic RPG “the last remnant” of 2008. its remastered version with better graphics of good cult classic game with enthralling story, countless characters and intricate battle system. Coming in contact with enemies on the field will trigger battles where you Strategize and make full use of the commands that change constantly depending on the positions of enemy forces. if you plan on doing a deep dive by exploring everything, expect to spend a lot time learning the stuff. While the game itself performs fine, the port is missing controller support, demands high price and needs 6GB storage space.

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