Teamfight Tactics OP Best Draven Comp | Climb Ladder Easy


Its simple, All Knights protecting main damage dealer DRAVEN and using REDEMPTIONto mega heal team in battle. This build depends on 2 key items which are required to make this work together. This is simply one of the best draven comp out there and don’t worry, its pretty easy to build.


Item 1: The most important item is REDEMPTION in this build. Give it to your foremost knight and See the magic in battles.
Item 2: Other Essential item is KNIGHT’S VOW. its required to complete 6 Knights bonus as backup if RNG hates you.


2 Knights with any Gunslinger/Ranger will do. which will be replaced by Draven as soon as we get. Start with any champs, but buy all KNIGHTS without fail. 3 early knights are for 1 gold only: Darius, Garen & Mordekaiser.


4 Knights with DRAVEN and POPPY/SEJUANI as our 4th and 5th knight. Also focus on KEY ITEMS if they are not yet made. You can also use the other comps for mid game if you are doing really bad and losing. Like getting 3 Assassins but dont loose the goal.


All 6 knights or 5 knights plus KNIGHT’S VOW item. With killer Draven and atleast 1 Knight with REDEMPTION. Once your KEY ITEMS are in place. Focus on damage items for Draven. Best are Rageblade, Firecanon and Bloodthrister / Phantom Dancer.


Look for options to increase your party even more and build additional bonuses into it. As we have 3 assassins in video.


• Don’t worry if you don’t get enough knights in early game. Keep on it, just don’t let any knight skip. they ll add up later.
• If you are on verge of losing (like less than 30 hp). You can rapidly spend all your gold to level up and place more champs.
• Don’t use the Reset Champs options in early game and avoid in mid game also. but if you are winning by miles than maybe.
• It might take you 1-2 games to put all this into action. But it is one of the best and easiest strategy to climb ladder right now.

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