Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android

Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android: Want to be SCARED? This list has the BEST horror games with CRAZY graphics to terrify you on the go! Don’t play alone at night!

Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android

If you’re on the lookout for spine-chilling thrills and heart-pounding excitement right from the comfort of your Android device, you’ve come to the right place.

Check our ultimate list of the Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android! From heart-pounding suspense to hair-raising scares, we’ve handpicked the best games to satisfy your horror cravings for your mobile device.

Experience stunning visuals that will immerse you in terrifying worlds right on your smartphone. So, grab your phone, turn down the lights, and let’s embark on a terrifying journey!


Alien: Isolation

(2021) Paid

In Alien Isolation, you become Amanda Ripley, out to uncover what happened to her mom. It’s set fifteen years after Ellen Ripley’s unlucky trip. Amanda heads into the Sevastopol space station and finds herself in big trouble.

Get ready for a wild ride through Sevastopol’s spooky hallways. You’ve got no fancy gear or weapons, just your wits and guts.

Feel the full fear of Creative Assembly’s masterpiece on your phone. With awesome graphics and a gripping story, “Alien Isolation” brings the terror of the original movie to life. Whether you’re running, hiding, or making tools, every choice matters as you dodge danger.

Stay ahead of the Alien by learning its moves and using the environment. Sneak through vents or hide in the dark. Each move could mean life or death. Brace yourself for a scary survival game that keeps you glued to your seat.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile

(2023) Free to Play

Dead by Daylight just got a big update. Now, it’s even more exciting to play the game. You can be a killer or join your friends to survive. With 5 players in one place, you’ll get surprised and scared at every turn.

One cool thing about Dead by Daylight Mobile is the many characters and challenges. You can be famous horror characters and face different trials. Each character has special abilities and things you can unlock. This lets you plan your moves to catch survivors or escape from the killer.

The best part? Dead by Daylight Mobile has all the suspense and fun of the console and PC versions. It’s now on your phone, so you can play anywhere. It’s made for mobile and easy to play. Whether you’re laughing or screaming with friends, this horror game will keep you hooked.

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Little Nightmares

First Person Shooter, Free to Play

Little Nightmares is now on mobile, bringing its spooky journey from PC and consoles. It’s a dark, creepy tale that plays on childhood fears. You help Six escape The Maw, a strange ship full of creepy souls looking for their next meal. You explore scary places like a dollhouse prison and eerie playgrounds, using your imagination to find a way out.

The game mixes action and puzzles with spooky art and sounds. You sneak through The Maw, dodging its scary residents to beat your fears. You sneak around in the dark, climb, crawl, and hide to solve puzzles and move forward on the spooky ship.

Scary places! Creepy characters! Face your childhood fears! You guess it and it is probably present in Little Nightmares. Run, jump, and solve puzzles in this spooky adventure. Get ready for chills and thrills!

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Five Nights at Freddy’s

(2014) Paid

Five Nights at Freddy’s is an exciting game set in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You’re hired as a security guard for the summer. During the day, animatronic robots entertain families. But at night, things get scary. Your job? Watch security cameras from your office. But there’s a problem – you have limited electricity each night due to budget cuts. So, when the power runs out, you’re left vulnerable without security doors or lights.

The animatronic robots, like Freddy Fazbear and his friends, aren’t always where they should be at night. If you see them out of place on the monitors, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. It’s a survival challenge where you must endure five nights of increasing tension and scares. The game got popular on PC and is now remastered for Android, bringing its suspenseful gameplay to mobile devices and making its spot on our list of High Graphics Horror Games for Android.

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Bendy and the Ink Machine

(2018) Paid

Bendy and the Ink Machine is an exciting game that mixes puzzles, action, and scary stuff in a cool cartoon world. You’re Henry, a guy who used to draw cartoons at Joey Drew Studios. They made Bendy, a famous character. Years later, Joey Drew invites you back to the studio, and that’s when things get weird.

The game has lots of different things to do, like fighting, solving puzzles, sneaking around, and finding secrets. As you explore the strange cartoon world, you’ll face tough challenges that keep you hooked. It was made by a small indie team who created a really spooky place to play in.

In “Bendy and the Ink Machine,” you’ve got to deal with the Ink Demon, go through dark places, and figure out what’s going on with this weird machine. The story is gripping, and the graphics are awesome. It’s a game you won’t forget if you’re up for the challenge. Get ready to confront your fears and jump into this twisted cartoon world!

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The Baby In Yellow

(2021) Free to Play

The Baby In Yellow is a spooky game for Android. You’re a babysitter taking care of a strange baby. In 8 chapters, you must feed, clean, and entertain the baby to survive. You’ll do things like feeding, changing diapers, telling stories, making snacks, and putting the baby to bed. But be careful, it doesn’t always like bedtime.

The game has a cute but creepy baby, a mysterious short story. Also it has lot of tricky puzzles, weird places, exciting chases, and chances to unlock cheats by saving trapped souls. But watch out, your soul might get eaten. It was made in just 48 hours for a game jam, but released publicly later on. It’s been downloaded over 140 million times and has millions of views on social media. It’s fun, but some players might wish it were longer.

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

(2022) Paid

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, you’ll dive into a spooky journey where staying alive is key. You’ll explore a creepy old toy factory haunted by angry toys. With your GrabPack, you’ll solve puzzles, dodge danger, and discover the factory’s secrets. Stay alert, and be wary of hidden dangers!

Enter the world of Playtime Co., a once-bustling toy maker now wrapped in secrets. Years after it was abandoned, you’re on a mission to uncover the truth behind its empty rooms. Get ready to explore deep inside the deserted factory and learn its forgotten story.

Meet the lively crew of Playtime Co.’s toys, like the sneaky Bot and the cuddly Huggy. Each one brings something special to your journey, with surprises and challenges at every turn. Explore the spooky charm of the toy factory and maybe even make unexpected friends in the shadows.

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(2019) Free to Play

Detention is a scary video game with a cool twist—it’s all about Taiwanese and East Asian culture, taking ideas from Taoism and Buddhism. It’s set in 1960s Taiwan during martial law. You wander around a spooky school, figuring out its weird secrets by clicking stuff in the game.

This indie game, made by Red Candle Games, won a big award called IndieCade in 2017. It has a great story packed with cultural stuff, and a soundtrack that mixes electronic, lo-fi, and rock with traditional Asian music. The game’s look and sound are like a tribute to Taiwanese books, movies, and music from the 60s and 70s, making it a unique game to play.

Detention’s gameplay is simple but really good, and it can be played in multiple languages, so lots of people can enjoy its scary vibes. The game’s art, mood, and sounds are super detailed, showing how much the small team behind it cares about making it awesome.

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Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

(2021) Free to Play

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital throws you into a spooky hospital. You play as Jake, who wakes up there. Your job? Figure out why people are vanishing in Oak Town. Armed with weapons and brains, you wander through scary halls. Ghosts lurk, and secrets hide.

The game mixes exploring, investigating, and planning. You hunt for stuff and hints in each room. These clues help solve the mystery. When in danger, you can hide or fight with better weapons. Skillful play boosts your abilities by learning new talents.

Endless Nightmare: Hospital has cool 3D graphics. They make the horror feel real. Playing in first-person makes it scarier. Creepy music and sounds add to the eerie vibe. It’s best played with headphones for the full effect.

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The Walking Dead: Season One

(2014) Free to Play

The Walking Dead: Season One is an exciting game series on Android. It has five episodes where zombies rule the world. You play as Lee Everett, a man trying to do good by protecting a girl named Clementine. Your choices decide what happens next. The game is a bit like Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes’ story.

You can buy episodes 2-5 in the app. The game has won over 90 awards because of its great story and fun gameplay. Every choice you make changes the story. This makes the game unique because you decide what happens.

“The Walking Dead: Season One” lets you dive into a dangerous world where you make tough decisions. As Lee Everett, you make friends, face problems, and shape your own story in a messed-up world. Hence it is our 10th pick in our list of High Graphics Horror Games for Android.

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(2015) Paid

Limbo is an awesome indie adventure game. People love it for its tricky puzzles and cool sights and sounds. Once you start playing, you won’t want to stop.

You start in a strange forest as a kid with no story. Your job? Stay alive. There’s no talking or help, so you’ve got to figure out the puzzles and dangers all by yourself.

Limbo is great because it’s simple. No breaks, just playing all the way through. It’s not long, but every moment is exciting and surprising, keeping you hooked.

In short, Limbo is a game every gamer needs. It’s different, intense, and always good. Trust me, you’ll be happy you got it.

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(2019) Paid

DISTRAINT 2 is a spooky adventure game. You play as Price, who traded his humanity for a big company job. It’s a sequel to the first game. It’s all about finding hope and figuring out what really matters.

In the game, you move left and right. You pick up stuff and solve puzzles to uncover the story. There’s dark storytelling and clever humor.

It’s a 2D game with hand-drawn graphics. The music fits the mood perfectly. The interface is simple. You can focus on the creepy story without distractions. It’s made in Finland with love, so no shortcuts here!

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Forgotten Memories

(2019) Paid

Forgotten Memories is a scary game where you play as Rose Hawkins. She’s determined to find a lost child named Eden. Rose explores creepy places and gets caught in a spooky mystery. She’s stuck in a loop of scary events. To solve the mystery, Rose must face her fears.

The game blends exploring, puzzles, action, and survival. It’s inspired by old horror games. You’ll feel like you’re right there, living the scary story.

What’s special about Forgotten Memories is its story, graphics, and easy controls. Whether you use touch or a gamepad, it feels great to play on your phone. And there are no extra purchases to interrupt the game. You’re in for a suspenseful journey that’ll keep you hooked.

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Fran Bow

(2023) Paid

Fran Bow is a game about a girl named Fran. Her parents die tragically, and she ends up in Oswald Asylum. To deal with the bad experiments, she takes medicine and starts seeing a dark world called Ultrareality.

You play as Fran. You explore Ultrareality to find out why her parents died, where her cat is, and to meet her Aunt Grace. You solve puzzles by looking around and using things, helped by Fran’s special view.

In the game, you meet over 50 characters in more than 70 cool places. The art is like a spooky kids’ book, and Fran is funny. After each part of the story, you can play three arcade games with different looks and music. Fran Bow is great for people who like weird adventures.

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Moth Lake: A Horror Story

(2022) Free to Play

Moth Lake: A Horror Story is a spooky game that takes you through a small town with a big secret. During a solar eclipse, a bunch of teens goes on a scary adventure, uncovering hidden mysteries.

The game has retro-style graphics like from the ’90s. You’ll face tricky puzzles but don’t worry, there’s a guide to help you out. Sneaky parts add excitement. Your choices affect how the characters get along and what happens in the end. There are six endings to find.

There’s a lot to read and see in Moth Lake—20,000 words and 300 scenes! It’s a story that mixes darkness with humor and fun. You’ll chat with lots of people and use different skills to solve puzzles. The graphics are cool, with lots of moving parts and cool lighting.

Your choices change how the characters feel and what happens next. By working together, you can unlock secret scenes and learn more about the story. But be warned, this game can be really scary and might not be right for everyone. Even though it’s tough, you can play again to see different endings and aim for the best one.

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The Dark Pursuer

(2019) Free to Play

The Dark Pursuer throws you into a scary situation: stuck alone in a spooky, empty place with something creepy lurking nearby. Your mission? Get out before it’s too late.

One cool thing is the multiplayer mode, where you can challenge a buddy. You be the one being hunted while your friend hunts you down. To win, you gotta outsmart and outrun them. Multiplayer isn’t tied to one spot – just make a match name, and your friend can hop in from anywhere. But remember, one player has to buy the full game for multiplayer.

For the full spooky experience, put on your headphones. With its creepy sounds, “The Dark Pursuer” sucks you into its scary world. So, get brave and step into the darkness. Can you make it out alive? Check it out and know why it is one of the best High Graphics Horror Games for Android.

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The Last Door: Season 2

(2016) Free to Play

In Season 2 of The Last Door, you are Dr. John Wakefield. He’s a psychiatrist looking for his vanished client, Jeremiah Devitt. The game takes you on a journey beyond England. You uncover mysteries and explore forbidden knowledge. As you explore, you’ll face chilling horrors and uncover a deeper conspiracy.

The Collector’s Edition of Season 2 has four new episodes. They’re full of more mysteries, locations, and characters than the first season. You’ll visit Victorian England, mental asylums, and abandoned manors. It’s a haunting world filled with suspense and intrigue. Can Dr. Wakefield find his missing client, or will he get lost in the search for the Last Door?

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Very Little Nightmares

(2019) Paid

Very Little Nightmares is a game for Android. It mixes cute and creepy stuff. You play as a girl in a yellow raincoat stuck in a mean house. Your job? Get her out! Each room has tough puzzles and dangers. Survival won’t be easy.

You’ll wander through The Nest, a maze with deadly traps. You’ll solve hard puzzles to move forward. Scary enemies will hunt you down. Can you make it out alive? This game gives you a dark backstory before Little Nightmares.

Lead the Girl in the Yellow Raincoat through this spooky house. Be smart. Use anything you find to learn its secrets. Very Little Nightmares is full of puzzles, exploring, and survival. It’s a tense game in our list of High Graphics Horror Games for Android.

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Dead Effect 2

(2015) Free to Play

Dead Effect 2 takes you on a thrilling space journey aboard the ESS Meridian. Get ready for action and suspense! The game combines great graphics and RPG features for an immersive experience.

Enjoy stunning visuals and realistic sounds thanks to top-notch Android and NVIDIA tech. Fight intense battles in amazing settings with professional voiceovers and a cool soundtrack. Choose from three characters, each with unique skills. Customize them with over 100 implants and gear options, plus 40+ weapons.

Play through 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions. Earn achievements and use controllers for smooth gaming. Dead Effect 2 raises the bar for mobile gaming with its exciting adventure that’ll keep you hooked!

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Granny (2017)

(2017) Free to Play

Granny is a scary game where you’re stuck in Granny’s house and need to escape in five days. But watch out, Granny hears everything and hunts you with a bloody bat if she finds you. The game is tough, with scary moments and blood, so it’s not for little kids.

You begin in a bedroom upstairs with five tries to flee through the front or garage. To escape, you need to solve puzzles and hide while Granny chases you. She moves around, sets traps, and can pop up unexpectedly, keeping you on edge.

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Beyond the Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android – Free Games Download for Android

This list is maybe the best of horror games on android but this is not the end, its just the tip of iceberg. Google Play Store boasts a large collection more survival horror games for this genre.

While our roundup of the Top 20 High Graphics Horror Games for Android are guaranteed to give you goosebumps, You can explore many other great titles in google play store or any other app store for your mobile device. Whether you’re a seasoned horror enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, these games are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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