Best Android Games October 2020

best android games

We are back again with the latest list of BEST ANDROID GAMES OCTOBER 2020. All these games are released and ready to download from play store, Links are given in Description below. this list is not in any order, so watch till end to find the game that you feel is best among these. Now, Lets start with our first title.

Top 10 Best Android Games October 2020:


Action RPG, Free, No-Ads
it’s a Action-RPG that takes several leaves out of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s book in terms of presentation and gameplay, the game features MASSIVE OPEN WORLD where you can Climb any mountain, swim any river, and glide all over the world, taking in the jaw-dropping scenery. There are 7 elements in the game which You can experiment with to unleash elemental reactions. You can Team up with number of characters with their own unique personalities, stories, and abilities. You can use unique party combinations and level up your characters to help you conquer most of enemies and domains. There are challenging boss fights, domains conquering which rewards players. The graphics are wonderful and environment stuff such as Lighting and weather all change naturally over time, bringing every detail of this world to life. Note that The game size is over 6GB and requires high end devices to play smoothly. The game is free to play and contains in game purchases and is simply one of the best android games ever.


Turn based RPG, Free, Has-Ads
It’s a turn based role playing video game, where you can Gather and train allies from the TMNT universe to create a radical squad of your favorite characters. You can Use your squad to battle and complete quests to earn rewards. Game also has introduced Turtle Lair where you can manage your lair, Unlocking and upgrading new rooms to help your heroes. There is also a adventure mode which lets you fight against classic villains like Shredder, Krang, and more. You can also Challenge other player’s squads in Dimensional PVP battles. You can customize your characters with different Outfist with special attacks & powerful skills to take on hordes of Foot Clan ninjas from across the multiverse. The game is free but to level up You either have to spend money, or wait for a long time.


Puzzle, Paid, No-Ads
it is a isometric platformer puzzle game inspired by Monument Valley. In odie’s dimension you play as Finn who is Lost in an Unusual place known as Odie’s Dimension from where nobody makes it out alive. So, your main objective is to Guide Finn through Odie’s Dimension in his quest to escapae this dimension. There are challenging puzzles that you need to solve along the way to unlock the new paths to follow. The game has nice looking grapchis and Beautiful fantasy Environment. The controls are good and Easy to Understand. You can Tap paths to move to them, one path at a time and Drag on pivots to either move or Rotate them. The soundtrack of the game is good and relaxing. The game features five Chapters with unique puzzles to solve. Much like Monument valley, there are multiple impossible architecture and unbelievable paths which you can follow to clear the levels. You can buy this game for just 1 dollar.


Action RPG, Free, No-Ads
it is a action RPG and new game in final fantasy franchise, with new features including online multiplayer and cross-platform play. You can Quest together with your friends no matter whatever platform they play on. You can Choose from one of four different tribes, each with their own unique abilities and attributes and create a character to join your Crystal Caravan. Your team of adventurers will journey to seek out drops of myrrh, a precious liquid needed to save your village from a poisonous gas called miasma. There is also a New “Mimic” game mode that allows you to bear the likeness of other characters that appear in-game. After completing the story, you Unlock high-difficulty mode for dungeons. The game is free to play but only upto first 13 dungeons and the in single player mode you can play upto the end of the first in-game year. To have the full experience you have to buy the game.


Strategy, Paid, No-Ads
it is a popular World War II game that redefined real-time strategy with a compelling combination of fast-moving campaigns, dynamic combat environments, and advanced squad-based tactics.One of real-time strategy’s most celebrated games redesigned for Android. Destructible environments let you exploit the battlefield to your best advantage.Direct squads of US troops against the mighty German Wehrmacht through 15 gritty missions based on some of the most challenging fighting of World War II.The full classic desktop game, with one payment and no in-app purchases. So, if anyone is watching band of brothers (which you shud definitely check out if not already), this game can really be a great experience.


Puzzle, Paid, No-Ads
its a puzzle game where you can manipulate interesting mazes and guide mysterious robots through beautiful worlds. SPHAZE is a relaxing exploration through fantasy and sci-fi worlds. You can guide the mysterious robots through different areas, solving arcade puzzles, challenging your reflex, and helping the energetic RoBeep. Its A good mixture of arcade puzzles from Cut the Rope with the beautiful design of Monument Valley. Each area is unique and there is a hand-crafted world to explore. The controls are simple just Twist and drag your robot to solve every puzzle. If you are stuck in a puzzle, the game also offer a way to help you. Right now, the game is on discount and you can grab the game for just 1 US dollar


Strategy, Free, No-Ads
it is a 5v5 strategic shooter where you will be able to team up heroes and villains from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, The Division, Splinter Cell, H.A.W.X and EndWar in pvp battle arena. The player Command their elite squad in dynamic 5v5 action shooting battles and trigger strategic orders with perfect timing to defeat their opponent’s team. You can train, equip and upgrade your military team with hundreds of different weapons, from knives to Assault Rifles, and gear to unleash their full potential on the battlefield. You can also Challenge other teams in the PvP Arena to reach the top of the leaderboard. You can Rally friends and other players to join forces in Guild Wars. This 5v5 Action RPG game is free to play but some game items can be purchased for real money. This games also requires an online connection.


Casual Racing, Free, Has-Ads
it is casual racing game, where you can increase size of your caravan by completing objectives and Fill the screen with your caravan. The game has addictive gameplay and features 11 different levels where you can steer your caravan. There are different types of vehicles that you can drive and each track has different tricks and missions which you need to complete to increase the size of your caravan and score more. There are more tham 100 different missions like lawn mowing, teleportion, risky jumps, UFOs, laboratory experiments and many more, all with the classic PAKO gameplay that you can complete in order to unlock acheivements and reach higher level in leaderboard competition. The game is played in portrait mode so, sometimes it gets little harder to control you super long caravan. The game is free and contains ads.


Sports, Free, Has-Ads
Golf Skies is a delightful 2D golf game with fun gameplay and lots of twists. You play golf up in the sky where the course is made out of golf planets with their own gravitational fields and obstacles. There is another innovative mechanic too, right after you shoot the ball you are able to steer it and race all the way to the green for a hole in one – as long as you have stamina left. You can Collect coins and power-ups to gain extra air control, and then use the coins in the golf shop to upgrade to even faster golf balls with more stamina, or use them to unlock new challenging golf courses. There are a number of power ups you can use, such as magnets and infinite stamina. The game has 6 beautiful and challenging golf courses right now with their own unique gravitational fields and obstacles. The game is free to play and contains ads, but there is also a option to buy the game and remove ads.


Adventure, Paid, No-Ads
it’s a point and click thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game with handmade scenery. The dialog and story are well done with lots of interesting locations to visit. The game features different universal themes like love, friendship, loyalty, self-discovery and dinosaurs. All The environments and scenary is handmade and looks beautiful. The characters in game have good voice acting and the game has good atmospheric and moody soundtrack. The game offers up to 10 hours of gameplay with amazing story, great characters and interesting puzzles. There’s also a “kid” mode with a kind of in-game hint system and you could always go back to revisit something if you missed a detail which makes the game stress-free and you can enjoy the story. The game if paid and cost around 5 US dollars.

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