Extraordinary Game Achievements that can NOT be bought

In many popular games, players can advance rapidly through in-game purchases, making most of these titles pay to win or pay to showoff. However, Today we are featuring a list of 10 examples, of big achievements in games which requires immense skill, dedication, and effort, and certainly cannot be obtained by simply throwing money. So, lets start with first achievement.

10 Game Achievements that can not be bought:


Winning a major e-sports tournament

The biggest achievement someone can have is probably, “Winning a major e-sports tournament”. E-sports are competitive games played at a professional level and Winning a major tournament in an e-sports game is a extremely difficult and significant achievement, as it requires a high level of skill, strategy, and teamwork. E-sports tournaments often have large prize pools and are very very competitive, with top teams from around the world competing for the first spot. Winning a major tournament requires years of practice, dedication, and teamwork, as well as some degree of good luck also. Some examples of the big e-sports competitions are League of Legends World Championship and Counter Strike Tournaments.


Achieving the highest rank in a competitive game

Second place on our list is “Achieving the highest rank in a competitive game”. Many competitive games have ranking systems that measure a player’s skill and progress. Achieving the highest rank in a competitive game is a big achievement, as it shows that the player is among the best in the game. This requires not only skill, but also consistency and perseverance, as players must win many matches and maintain a high level of performance over a long period of time to top the leaderboards. It also requires deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategy, as well as the ability to adapt to changing gameplay and opponents. Try getting the highest ranks in games like Valorant or Dota.


Completing a game on the hardest difficulty

Next achievement we picked is “Completing a game on the hardest difficulty”. Many games have difficulty levels that range from easy to very hard, Completing a game on the hardest difficulty is an important achievement in itself, as it requires mastery of the game’s mechanics and god tier reaction times. Games on the hardest difficulty often have challenging enemies, limited resources, and unforgiving gameplay mechanics that require careful planning and execution. This achievement also requires a lot of time and effort, as players must often replay levels multiple times and experiment with different strategies in order to succeed. Best example for this are beating any souls game on their hardest difficulties.


Completing a speedrun of a game

Next achievement we have is, “Completing a speedrun of a game”. It involves completing a video game as quickly as possible, typically with the goal of beating the world record times for that game. Speedrunning has become a popular pastime and even a competitive sport for many gamers. To achieve a fast time, players often use various strategies such as glitches or exploits that allow them to skip parts of the game or move very quickly. Players often compete against others for the fastest time, and there are many online communities and websites dedicated to tracking speedrun records. Most popular games for speedrunning are generally singleplayer titles likes Super Mario Bros, and Dark Souls, among many others.


Completing a no-death run in any hard game

Next pick we have is, “Completing a no-death run in any hard game”. Completing a game without dying once is a big feat in itself especially in games with nightmare difficulties, as it requires extreme caution and careful planning. Even one mistake can result in death and the players need to start over from 0. This achievement requires players to learn the game’s mechanics and environments intimately, and to practice until they can complete the game without making any mistakes. It can be a very challenging and frustrating experience, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Try completing Hollow Knight or Elden Ring or any other platformer game without dying.


Obtaining all achievements in a game

Next on our list is, “Obtaining all achievements in a game”. Many games include a list of achievements or trophies that can be earned by completing specific challenges or quests. Obtaining all of the achievements or trophies in a game is not a easy task as often these quests are extremely hard to complete to 100%. It requires lot of patience, as some achievements can be very difficult or time-consuming to earn, but these can add a lot of replay value to a game, as players may need to complete the game multiple times in order to earn all of the trophies. Earning all of the achievements in Skyrim or finding all gold coins in shadow of the colossus can be stated as extreme examples.


Completing a game with unique self-imposed challenges

Next achievement we picked is “Completing a game with unique self-imposed challenges”. These have been very popular lately among the streamers as some gamers enjoy adding extra challenges to games to make them more difficult or interesting. Audience also loves watching these it requires mix of both creativity and dedication. Some examples of self-imposed challenges include like playing the game as without killing anyone, or using only certain weapons or abilities, or completing the game with some weird game controller. This requires players to come up with creative solutions which often results in a more engaging experience with viewers. Check out players beating Dark Souls using a piano instead game controller.


Creating something amazing in Minecraft

Next we have is specific to minecraft, its “Creating something amazing in Minecraft”. For those who don’t know, Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that allows players to build and create virtually anything they can imagine. Creating something cool and big in Minecraft is a significant achievement and it requires massive levels of patience and creativity. Players can create anything from villages to massive structures to intricate machines and working computers. It can also require collaboration with other players, as some projects may be too large or complex for a single player to complete alone. Like building a replica of the Eiffel Tower, or recently someone built the whole solar system inside minecraft.


Beating a high-level dungeon or raid in an MMORPG

Next achievement we are going to mention is, “Beating a high-level dungeon or raid in an MMORPG”. Massively multiplayer online games often include high-level dungeons or raids that require a group of players to work together to overcome these challenges. Beating a high-level raid boss requires teamwork, coordination, and skill, Players must work together to overcome challenging enemies, puzzles, and obstacles, and also communicate effectively to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do. This can require a lot of preparation, as players may need to strategize in order to be successful. A major example of this is like completing the “Deathwing” raid in World of Warcraft.


Beating a survival mode in a game

Last achievement on our list is “Beating a survival mode in a game”. Some games include a “survival” mode that are much more challenging than even the hardest difficulty modes. Beating a survival mode in a game is no small achievement, as it requires management of many parameters along with lot of skill, patience, and perseverance. These modes often have unforgiving gameplay mechanics, very limited resources, and additional restrictions like thirst and hunger meters. This achievement requires players to be very strategic with their choices and It can also require multiple attempts for a successfull run. A good example of same is playing survival mode in singleplayer RPG games like Fallout series.

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