Top 10 Bloodiest Games for Android & iOS 2023

Today, we are featuring a list of Top 10 Bloodiest Games for Android & iOS 2023. These may not interest everybody but the games are surely enjoyable as long as you do not have faint heart. Without further duo, lets start with our first game.

Top 10 Bloodiest Games for Android & iOS 2023:


Dead Trigger 2

Starting with “Dead Trigger 2”. It is a first-person shooter adventure with intense storytelling campaigns with many many war scenarios. Players can build their hideout and meet various characters such as the gunsmith, scientist, smuggler, medic, and engineer. The game features 10 regions and 33 different battlefields, with more than 70 types of weapons to choose from, including brutal melee weapons and powerful guns, pistols, rifles, SMGs, and rocket launchers. Players can use touch control or an virtual joystick to wipe out the zombie hordes in various imaginative ways. The game offers weekly tournaments in beautiful arenas, allowing players to kill zombies with style.


Mortal Kombat

Next we have is “Mortal Kombat”. This is a very popular fighting and collection game, where players can assemble an elite team of warriors to compete in the greatest fighting tournament on Earth. The game features over 130 Mortal Kombat characters, including veterans like Scorpion, Johnny, Sub-Zero, and Cassie. Players can create their own team of fighters and win to earn experience, new special attacks, and powerful artifacts. The game includes a weekly challenge mode and an online competitive mode, where players can fight with other players’ teams. Of-course, it has the trademark Fatalities with stunning graphics and over-the-top action moves.


Gladiator: True Story

Next on our list is “Gladiator: True Story”. It is a free hack and slash game in which players play as Bruticus, the greatest gladiator of all time. Players can toggle blood and gore options in the menu and hack their way through waves of ultimate fighters and champions while leveling up their armor and weapons. It includes magical swords, explosive shield attacks, and fire powerups that cause enemies to fly around. Players can collect hidden skulls, unlock trophies, and watch the arena fill with enemies’ blood. Game offers extreme violence and flesh cleaving action while being totally FREE of cost.


Alien Shooter

Next we have is “Alien Shooter”. This is a co-op game where players can team up with friends to save the world from monsters. It features a weapon system that allows players to choose equipment based on their playstyle, combining different types of weapons or armor in one set, and picking up perks for their needs. The game includes over 20 arenas with unique bosses, special enemies, and champions. It offers hours of gameplay with 3 main story maps, additional missions, multiple difficulty levels, and offline mode. Also it offers many skills in 3 character trees and many classes of weapons with unique features.


Slayaway Camp

Next in our list is “Slayaway Camp”. It is a puzzle game that pays homage to 80s horror movies, Players control a psycho slasher character who aims to scare and kill campers. It features 11 “videotapes” with over 140 puzzle levels, including traps, cops, SWAT teams, land mines, rotary telephones and cats. Players can unlock many psycho killers based on cult horror movie classics, and discover dozens of spectacular gore-packed kill scenes, such as wood-chippers, lawn mowers, and demon incantations. Despite the game’s gory theme, no animals or children are harmed in it, It is kind of a darkly comic with tribute to the VHS era of horror genre.


Dead Effect 2

Next we have is “Dead Effect 2”. It is a sci-fi shooter game with RPG elements that boasts console-quality graphics and sound. The game’s storyline is challenging and players can upgrade weapons, gear and body implants as they progress. The game features 3 different personalities, character training and development, and more than 100 upgradable body implants and 40 plus weapons. Players can enjoy over 20 hours of campaign gameplay along with 10 hours of special missions. The game also features customizable controls, great graphics, and an atmospheric soundtrack, making it an immersive experience for players who love action-packed shooter games.


Surgeon Simulator

Next in our list is “Surgeon Simulator”. In this game you play as Nigel Burke, a would-be surgeon tasked with performing crazy surgeries to save the life of Bob, the world’s unluckiest patient. You must use your shaky hands to perform transplants, including alien autopsies, heart and double-kidney transplants, and new surgeries such as teeth and eyes transplants. The game features a brand-new control system, over 50 new achievements, and even a multiplayer mode. With its dark humor and ridiculous surgeries, the game has become a hit with more than 3 million downloads worldwide, and it’s playable on all major mobile platforms.



Next we have is “Carmageddon”. It is a free-form driving game where players earn points for hitting humans and cows while competing against a group of opponents driving murderous vehicles. The game offers intense gameplay and surreal violence, with power-ups adding to the chaos. Players can either eliminate all opponents, run over every pedestrian, or complete all laps. The game features 28 opponents, 11 different environments and 36 levels in career mode and Players can also race and wreck their opponents to unlock 30 playable cars. Additionally, there’s an action replay system that allows players to watch their successful, violent gameplay moments.



Next on our list is “ThumbZilla”. It is an infinite stomper game in which you play as a crazed thumb on a rampage, crushing everything in your path and causing as much damage as possible. You can topple buildings, crush cars, kick tanks and trample humans as they run for their lives. However, the city is prepared to fight back with police, soldiers, jeeps, tanks and gunships ready to stand in your path. The game features awesome thumb stomping and kicking action, an endless city to explore, killer physics, hilarious voiceovers and experience that makes you feel like massive kaiju.


Flappy Crush

Finally we have is “Flappy Crush”. Inspired from classic flappy bird game, this takes a bit of different approach, In this game, players must tap the screen to close pipes and stop birds from flying through them. Players can unlock power-ups and different types of pipes that have bonuses. Bone Bucks can be earned and spent in the shop to customize the birds with hilarious costumes. There are five different game modes, including a two-player mode. The game can be played offline and has cloud save functionality to pick up where you left off on a new device. The game is not for the faint-hearted, as it features lot of pixel style gore.

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